Who is Weak?

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The strong and the mighty
Try to push you around
Whatever the weather
They don’t want you together

“Why are you happy?
How could you…without me?
I hold the power
How dare you flower?”

Is it jealousy or arrogance?
Lack of love or loneliness?
Humility at their feet,
They trample you with conceit

Domineering seems to be their right
Insecurities weaken their hearts
Love vibes refuse to step-in,
Aggression is their sole weapon

Yet they fail to snatch smiles
Which build bridges across miles
Little houses are a haven of peace
They offer you ethereal ease.
© Balroop Singh, February 2019

Inspired from D. Wallace Peach’s “Monthly Speculative Fiction Writing Prompt.” Please hop over to her blog to read more and get inspired.

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The Land Of The Dead

The Land Of The Dead

They lived in the land of the dead
Nodding to whatever was said
Muttering to themselves…
‘His word is law…he is the lord
A God sent messiah…
He has given us all’.

Content with their muted state
Always ready to bite the bait.
They crept into their graves
And the institution thrived.
The devil exulted at his success
The dead never speak, he surmised.

Someone entered the land of the dead
Dragged life along ahead
Stirred them out of their slumber
But before muffled voices
Could be heard, he was yelled at
Cursed, chastised, forced to quit

Could anyone force out fortitude?
Could he ever be booed?
When people learn to understand
Submission to injustice
Is akin to living
In self-created graves…

They wake up before it is too late
Speak out their mind with berate
Break the fetters of intimidation
Rise from the graves and look around
The sun is shining splendidly
And they are still alive!
© Balroop Singh
All rights reserved.

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Fears And Unknown Anxieties… Do They Keep Returning?


Do fears hibernate like reptiles? Are they similar to anxieties?

To my mind, most fears are external, caused by people and circumstances. Anxieties are internal – they could be unshared thoughts that scare us or cause uneasiness.

I eliminated my fears long back, having convinced myself that nothing scares me. I could face all kinds of people – the angry mother, the bullying brother, the intimidating boss, clever and selfish friends, the insecure colleagues, the indignant parents and some unruly students staring at me, with dagger eyes!

Interviews have never given me any nervous feeling albeit I have failed many.

I always had the courage to say whatever I wanted to… I have been called outspoken and rude for my temerity to stand up to injustice.

I always tried to close my eyes to those shadows of the past that followed me, warning them that they were powerless.

I have emerged out of them, knowing well that I could vanquish them with the bold spirit that I seem to have inherited.

That sinking of the heart when the airplane shudders in the air, that same feeling when the earthquake strikes is the only conscious and uncontrollable fear that lurks around me and I tell myself… ‘Well, I am not afraid of death. I am ready for it!’

As a child, whenever I closed my eyes to sleep, a small web like circle would always go round and round, multiplying itself into many. I could never interpret them or share that fear with anybody. Too scared to see it in reality, I would close my eyes tighter and they would keep on spinning, creating a contraction in my heart and a lump in my throat.

I could deal with those unknown fears alone. I have never shared this visual with anyone, thinking nobody would believe me. I knew I would be scoffed at.

I refused to struggle with the external fears and told myself that they are just a creation of my mind.

I have always lived like ‘I have nothing to fear’, as Fran Sorin’s guest, Tess Marshall, creator of The Bold Life suggests.

Intimidation could never affect me. My positive thoughts were stronger than bullying or accepting defeat.

I know I have emerged with invincible resilience.Slide1

Even after all these experiences with fear, after having defeated all of them, some fears are quite strange and inexplicable as they return in my dreams, even now.

May be in my eagerness to fight all kinds of fears, they got entrenched in my subconscious mind, revealing themselves only in dreams and that too in a vague, weird manner!

Whenever I have a feeling of insecurity or distress, I sleep badly. The nightmares are not very intense but I often wake up, having lost, unable to cross a water body or being surrounded by a sudden surge of water. If I try to take a different route to return home, water bars my way.

This recurrent dream has been quite consistent and whenever it returns, a grim reminder hits me – you can dismiss fears, bury them, forget them but you can’t completely wipe them out of your system as they slide into the inner recesses of our mind and get activated in the most unexpected manner.

I share my fears only with my inner voice.

I have been learning to calm them down with the most logical approach that fear is an innate emotion; all fears are a product of this emotion.

Can we eliminate an inborn emotion? Then why do we delude ourselves with the belief that we can obliterate ‘fear’ out of our minds?

I have written about this delusion.

You can click to read more: Swamped By Fears? The Real Monsters…

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Balroop Singh.

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The Golden Cage


Trapped in the golden cage
The cage of unfulfilled desires
The cage of love and expectations
The cage with vast vistas,
Each door so welcoming
Yet so deceptive!

The pleasures of caged life
The gratification of cravings
Kept her tightly bound.
With clipped wings she looks around,
Distressed dove later found
That was her life!

A life of tragic torture,
A life of total surrender
In the sea of tears
Facing physical and mental anguish
Muffled voice…
Suppressed by own desires!

Longing to break free
Yet seeking little moment of glee
Conspiring to grab all
Knowing well,
The cage would never open
The golden cage was her fate.


© Balroop Singh.

This poem is an excerpt from my book ‘Sublime Shadows Of Life’ (available at Amazon.com)

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Sometimes it becomes quite difficult to save yourself from such traps, they appear to be tempting but their delusion dawns on us when it is too late. What are your thoughts about such situations? I would love to hear your views.

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Are you Intimidated by Anger?

medium_2821633690Anger is a natural and normal emotion, a usual response to injustice experienced by all living beings… triggered by people around us by use of offensive words, provocative looks or aggressive body language.

Anger…we all detest it, try to deal with it in our own way yet we keep meeting it in different forms and faces.

I have seen people tremble, cry and give in, in the face of anger.

We all know the long-term mental and emotional damage that it can cause to the perpetrator and the recipient yet we let it overpower us.

Anger has been my closest companion; I have seen it unfold before my eyes… sometimes admiring it silently when I saw how much power it could unleash!

I could never be intimidated by this emotion, may be because I associated so much of power with it and I had seen it too often, thereby acquiring immunity!

Growing up with anger can impair your ability to react in a normal manner OR it can make you a mountain, ready to face and absorb all kinds of storms and tornadoes that may hit you.

Despite its detrimental effects, I have always liked C. JoyBell’s positive outlook…

“Anger is like flowing water; there’s nothing wrong with it as long as you let it flow…On flowing water travels little paper boats; paper boats of forgiveness. Allow yourself to feel anger, allow your waters to flow, along with all the paper boats of forgiveness. Be human.”

Anger around me made me a strong reactor to injustice but it also gave me an amazing forbearance to assimilate all kinds of windstorms.

How do you react to anger?

  • Do you explode loudly?
  • Do you threaten, bully?
  • Do you use unsavory language?
  • Do you become vindictive?
  • Do you indulge in harmful activities?

Have you ever noticed that all these reactions do not harm the other person at all? There may be a momentary effect on those who had provoked you. They could be well prepared for your outburst, emotionally as well as physically.

Anger inflicts more misery and imbalance of emotions on you than the other person, who may be watching the fun, whose motive could be upsetting you to disengage you from your successful pursuits.

The intention could be weakening or breaking the bonds with certain persons, to eliminate them out of your life. The purpose could be defiling your reputation, by making you the pawn of his/her plans.

My outlook on anger is slightly different, as you can see from the above arguments. I have learnt about this emotion in the school of experience, gathering all the facts and nuances directly from the source.

I don’t believe in suppressing anger as my culture advocates, especially for women because nobody could ever explain to me why men have all the freedom to be angry and why women are expected to be calm. Each ounce of my blood revolted against this discrimination and I impulsively learnt to vent my anger…giving it back instantly.

So I had to learn one more aspect of it—how to tame it and bring it under control, in some cases and situations.Anger

You can tame your anger:

1. Observe the consequences:

Anger affects your own emotional state; it clouds your judgment and often leads to lack of communication. It creates rifts in relationships and you have to make special efforts to bounce back. Pondering over the outcome of your angry reactions may help you understand the importance of controlling this emotion.

2. Nurture the intention:

Self-help is the best help…willingness to control angry reactions is the first step, which only we can take. Unless we convince ourselves that we need to control anger, it is quite challenging to do so. I have seen such persons who make no conscious effort towards making amends. They consider anger as a powerful tool to impress and wield control. They never change.

3. Talk to Yourself:

When you get angry, you don’t get the opportunity to think. The reaction hits you so spontaneously that you realize when the whole outburst gets over! If you could think logically at that time, obviously you would be more careful. So you have to learn this art of controlling instant reactions by talking to yourself. There is no magic wand, which will immediately control anger; you have to prepare yourself for such situations slowly.

4. Meditate:

The amazing power of meditation reveals how you can indulge in self-talk to calm your mind. Taking deep breaths or counting up to ten or taking a walk, away from the trigger doesn’t help because it doesn’t calm down the emotion; it keeps simmering, waiting to burst like a volcano. Whether you are an angry person by nature or by circumstances, meditating just on this emotion on regular basis can bring about astonishing changes. A sense of hope, right intentions and self-awareness is very essential for this self-therapy.

5. Forgive and forget:

I know it is easier said than done but forgiveness is a sure way of calming your mind. I am not advocating the need of renewing the ties, which have soured. We need to forgive for our own state of mind, for comforting our own anger. You can write one letter everyday to yourself and the person with whom you are angry or you hold responsible for your anger.

Have you met anger? How do you react to it?

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Balroop Singh.

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