Sound That Resounds…And Guides

Sound that resounds

I could hear that sound
So familiar, so conversant
Stifled within me,
Smothered by visceral eyes
I could hear that sound
Coercing me to respond, to shake off
The primitive touch… tearing off
My spirit, my confidence, my vivacity
I could hear that sound
The fire crackling within me
The flames consuming my esteem
Shrieking… suffocation is excruciating
I could hear that agony
Imploring me to rise, to react
Reminding me of my resolve
To live with dignity, dauntless
I can no longer snub that sound
That inner voice, my mentor
My only benefactor, cautioning me
Not to die of asphyxiation
I can no longer wait for droplets
Of that heavenly nectar
Pretense is peeping through
That cloak of compassion
I can no longer remain insignificant
Your harrowing hauteur is oppressive
Forgive me for finding my own avenues
My gratitude goes to my spirit.
© Balroop Singh.

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