Spring Of Our Dreams


When I bowed my head in penitence
You didn’t even look at me
I whispered your favorite trill
You didn’t respond with usual thrill

Fresh leaves sparkle all around us
Blooming blossoms emit fragrance
They are smiling at your conceit
Your high headedness is so concrete!

Are you thinking of a new melody?
To match the surreal spring air
Are you waiting for a new friend?
To flutter with pure pretend

Your songs have lost their passion
The disconnect is dawdling between us
I am trying to understand this attitude
What is your problem dude?

Is it the angst against modern melodies?
Is it the effect of this chaotic cacophony?
Are you sinking into a gloomy gorge?
Or just waiting for a kinder world

The world of our reveries
Where love would be generous
Where equality won’t be a façade
Peace and tolerance – not a mere maud!

© Balroop Singh

All rights reserved.

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The Amazing Power Of Kindness

power-of-kindnessKindness starts with you!

The power of kindness can only be felt within your heart from where it emanates.

Kindness may be innate but it doesn’t come to the surface if it is not nurtured with little acts of concern, if it is not fostered during receptive years of growth, if siblings don’t show kindness to each other and most importantly if parents lack it.

Self-centered parents who strive to show their superiority; who are in constant strife for one reason or the other leave an indelible mark on the psyche of their children with their demeanor. Kindness remains routed!

“Kindness is a behavior marked by ethical characteristics, a pleasant disposition, and concern for others.” This definition that I have picked from Wikipedia doesn’t seem to satisfy my understanding of the term as I have seen many ‘pleasant dispositions’ faking kindness.

One kind act can calm many emotions. One kind person in a family can cement many relationships.

There is one person in my life, whom I didn’t choose, who just happened to become the most important person for me not because I liked him but I happened to be connected with him by custom and law. Initially I was quite confused about him.

I had never really known love; so I cant say I loved him. But I could understand what is love through his interactions with me.

He never mentioned the word ‘love’ but I could see it; sense it and discern it through his little gestures of care. His ability to read my mind and doing exactly what I wanted before I could communicate my desires amazed me. Slowly I evolved into a different person.

He molded me with his boundless benevolence, without actually saying a word about my imperfections, arrogance and rudeness.

He never ever criticized me for anything even when he should have. With his kindness, he taught me those lessons of life, which nobody could ever force down my throat.

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His kind words of giving a benefit of doubt to everybody around him amazed me. His equanimity, and complacency in the most difficult situations, his serene silence even when I argued my guts out enlightened me about the need to become a better person.

Like all human beings he is not perfect yet he evokes admiration. He is candid enough to say ‘I cant read your poetry’!

When I published Sublime Shadows Of Life and he heard praise from some of my friends, he secretly read a few of my poems and said… “You can write well!” I cherish his words as he is a person of few words and uses them judiciously. When he says something, everybody listens.

He is always by my side in whatever decision I take…wrong or right.

If this were not kindness then I would love to hear more about it.

When Mark Twain said, “Kindness is a language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see,” he must be talking about the language of such little gestures of kindness, which can only be perceived with an intuitive eye.

It is only when we treat others with respect and parity that they learn to understand the value of these words. They become what they could have aspired. Kindness is like that candle, which gives its light to others and burns brighter.

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Balroop Singh.


How To Transform Negative Energy Into Positive Power!

Positive Thinking

There is a magnificent power of energy within us, which is felt strongly when it is negative. Anger, anxiety and impatience are more draining than love, kindness and patience.

Some emotions transmit immense positive power. We just have to ignite them.

Love can conquer all… this fact has been validated time and again.

It may seem idealistic to depend on the positivity of love, as it wears off with the passage of time. True. But real love matures, it converts into understanding, it becomes unconditional and selfless and that is when its power doubles, a power, which is positive.

When love carries us away on its brittle wings, we are too intoxicated to comprehend its power. We just want to soar and feel its adventurous spirit. The realistic aspect of love is not that romantic.

If you just live in the fairy tale world of love, you may not feel the eternal positivity of love, which thrives on giving, giving and giving.

Protect your thoughts:

When negative vibes try to subjugate you or create a wedge between you and your loved ones, protect your thoughts from negativity by wishing them well. Never reciprocate in a vindictive manner, as it can be very detrimental for all relationships.

Look at positive aspect:

If you want to fathom the positive power of love, try to perceive the love of a mother, which never wanes. The sons and daughters may grow up and alienate themselves, get busy with their own activities but a mother’s love never diminishes. It grows more positive.

Nurture hope:

If you want to gauge the positive power of hope, just look at those who believe in the goodness of God who sees all but remains silent in the midst of death and destruction of mankind.

The life of negative energy is limited but positive energy is infinite. It encompasses us in the form of Mother Nature, which provides unlimited resources and possesses the power to bounce back even after we exploit and squander it away.

Kindness is the paramount power of positive energy. Once it is unleashed, it can heal all relationships and may even lead us to the next step, which is forgiveness. All negative emotions and feelings melt at the altar of kindness.

Be kind to yourself:

When we are kind to our own self, we set a stage for the development of this emotion within us. We can focus on our own thoughts and feelings to tame those negative emotions, thereby exhorting negative energy out of ourselves.

Nurture sensitivity:

When we nurture kindness, we become mindful about being good to others. We become sensitive to the emotions of persons around us. A kind heart can tame anger and angst effectively.

Develop intuitive kindness:

We become aware of intuitive kindness, which can foresee the negative consequences of this virtue but that doesn’t mean we should withhold our kind gestures. If we continue to emit positive vibes, negative energy gets a message and negative thoughts decline for a while.

Positive energy

All positive emotions rest on the power of giving. So does kindness! A warm-hearted approach and a kind deed always come back in one form or another. It eliminates aversion, the process may be slow but the flow is always positive.

When communities and countries exemplify kindness, it leads to peace and harmony, which are essential elements of exterminating negative energy.

When you develop the quality of bearing provocation without getting agitated, the ability to suppress annoyance without any animosity, the capacity for calmly enduring pain, positivity follows you.

Developing patience is an enormous learning experience, it acquaints us with what is life, how we have to wait at each step, each phase, without getting disturbed, disappointed or distressed.

While moving ahead on the path to accomplish our dreams, we have to keep patience and wait for the right opportunities, for the leading benchmarks to reach that horizon we have visualized.

Disappointments and frustrations bear a lot of negative power. They try to lead us into the unknown, the unidentified valleys of darkness. Only positivity can pull us out. Patience can vanquish negative thoughts.

Self-protection is the most appropriate armor. Wear it all the time to ward off the evil influence of negative energy.

Learn to be patient. Observe nature, breeze can be so soothing but hurricanes destroy everything. Ships can sail smoothly only when the sea is calm, tempests bring disaster. The same sunshine that seems so comforting in winter can cause sunburns too!

Just like we have learnt to transform negative energy of the atom into a positive power, we can do so with our thoughts.

The real power lies in our own mind. Have you explored this power? Have you mastered the art of changing negative energy into positive influence? I would love to hear your views.

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Balroop Singh.