How Much Of Laughter?


Laughter – a spontaneous overflow of fun, a stress reliever, a mood changer, a health therapist…not only provides a cushion to our emotional hurts but also helps us in dealing with the jolts of life effectively.

I have written about laughter therapy to remain emotionally healthy yet it is not listed under the most popular posts!

Why do we forget our laughter skills, as we grow older and resilient?

Humor is the most difficult genre for writers and most of the jokes degenerate below a decent level. That’s why yoga instructors have been promoting self-laughter. Probably Laughter Shows add hilarity sounds for the same purpose!

“The burden of the self is lightened when I laugh at myself,” observed Rabindranath Tagore.

I have been told many times to laugh softly but I always dismiss that advice…how can you decide how much to laugh? Isn’t that weird? I wonder how people can close their mouth and laugh!

I have never learnt to laugh gently as I didn’t want to. The real power and therapeutic effect of laughter lies in what comes from our heart, without any ifs and buts.

I have faced many stern looks of my hubby but did I ever care?

When I laugh…it just goes out loud and clear! Whenever there was a loud laughter in our staff room, our Principal assumed one of those must be me! Once she heard that and came to reprimand but I didn’t happen to be there, luckily! So much for my reputation!

Another scenario, which is embedded in my memory is laughing in libraries, when, as youngsters, we had to face the stern eyes of the librarian and ran out to laugh…such is the power of spontaneous laughter!

This Book Makes Me Laugh Like My Grandchildren!IMG_3861

This book came as a birthday gift for my granddaughter, Athena but nobody paid any attention to it as it said, “Take away the A.” A book about alphabets is considered to be useless in the modern times when alphabets are available in colorful forms, puzzles and each toy sings an alphabet song!

It also appeared to be weird because it had sentences on one page, which could be of no interest to a child of two as most of the books at this stage are pictorial with little stories or rhymes.

The book sat at the bookshelf till one day I decided to read it for my fun-loving grandson who just likes to open books, collects all of them around him and gets distracted within a moment.

This grandma is different, I told myself! No such tricks with me! When nobody takes interest in a book, I read it to myself to draw their attention and most of the times it works. Sometimes I change my voice to convey the emotion and attract their response.

This book caught their attention beyond description! The innovative style of the author is incredibly remarkable.

Each letter is mentioned in such a manner that no child can miss the fun that this book stimulates.

When you take away the ‘A’, BEAST is BEST!

Without the ‘B’, BRIDE goes for a RIDE!


This book plays with letters in a creative manner to take away one alphabet and create a new word.

It doesn’t just highlight the ABCs but also introduces words in an interesting and humorous manner.Chair has hair!

Without the ‘C’, CHAIR has HAIR!

‘JAM I AM’ is equally funny.IMG_3870

Once we discovered the fun, it became our favorite book and is now read everyday.

When you take away the L, PLANTS wear PANTS.


The moment we reach this page, we all break into peals of laughter.

We must have read it a hundred times but the fun never seems to wane.

Children don’t wait for humor to laugh…they create their own funny situations and even inspire us to laugh heartily…that is why they are called the flowers of our garden, always lending warmth and fun to our lives.

“A good time to laugh is any time you can.” – Linda Ellerbee

Do you laugh loudly or do you think it is embarrassing? I am waiting eagerly for your answers.

Thank you for reading this. Please add your valuable reflections, they are much appreciated.

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Balroop Singh.

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Laughter Therapy…To Remain Emotionally Healthy.



Laughter is a universal human language, it may be high-pitched, quiet or muffled but we all laugh…babies laugh even before they learn to speak.

Have you observed children? How they can laugh out loud at non-issues! Laughter is a natural gift, an innate emotion to keep us healthy.

We forget to laugh as we grow up…groomed to put up controlled and civilized demeanor, told — to avoid giggling, just smile, laugh softly. That is why probably… laughter therapy was invented!

I remember very clearly that as a growing adolescent, I was sternly warned by one of my aunts to laugh in a decent manner!!

Now what is decent laughter always remained an enigma to me and I could never learn it!

Laugh aloud and enjoy its effects! We all know ‘laughter is the best medicine’!

When I read this adage in Reader’s Digest, which has been regularly giving us this medicine, I scoffed at the benign advice of my aunt, all the more.

It was much later in my life that I realized how blessed I was to be endowed with this gift of laughing out louder.

“A day without laughter is like living in darkness; you try to find your way around, but you can’t see clearly.”—Emily Mitchell

The Power of Laughter:

I didn’t know anything about laughter therapy till I saw a group of men laughing loudly. I was walking with all those morning walkers who compete with each other to demonstrate their energy and enthusiasm…a regular, silent race to keep fit.

I was shaken out of my reverie by this sudden burst, shattering the peace of morning bliss…very rarely felt in my city, Delhi.

There was a laughter coach who gave directions how to start with a forced loud laughter and go on and on till it slowly turned into natural. I kept looking and wondering what was so funny.

Everyday when I passed by those persons laughing away to glory, their laughter trailed me…I kept smiling to myself and I must confess it added a special glow to my day. I could smile more naturally; I remained in good mood till some unruly student met me in the corridor.

Later, one day I happened to meet one of these laughter gurus, who enlightened me about this practice of laughing, which is called—Laughter Yoga.

It forms a part of yoga lessons, designed to be stress busters.

Laughter has got therapeutic value and has been accepted by doctors because it is a natural form of medicine. It provides physical, emotional and social benefits.

Dr. Annette Goodheart, a psychotherapist and inventor of laughter therapy has been using laughter to treat cancer, AIDS and depression for thirty-six years.

“Through humor, you can soften some of the worst blows that life delivers. And once you find laughter, no matter how painful your situation might be, you can survive it.”—Bill Cosby

How Laughter Therapy works:laughter_quote_2

  • It relieves our stress.
  • It opens our mind and heart.
  • It strengthens our emotions.
  • It helps us handle our hurts calmly.
  • It increases blood circulation.
  • It decreases stress hormones.
  • It stimulates the production of alertness hormones
  • It releases endorphins to relieve pain.
  • It boosts immune system.
  • It hastens our recovery.
  • Strengthens relationships.
  • Improves team-work.

When we laugh, we gain the capacity to step backward and reassess the situation. When we laugh, we forget all our worries for a moment…that is the moment of resurrection, the moment of reviving lost hopes!

The burden of the self is lightened when I laugh at myself.”–Rabindranath Tagore

When are you joining laughter therapy course? It is absolutely free!

Just stand before the mirror and laugh at yourself! Just hold the hand of your spouse/partner and laugh together—loudly…as loud as your lungs permit! Remember an old dumb act of yours? Drag it out of your memories and make others laugh!

It is so easy, if we try! Have you tried laughter therapy? Did it relieve your stress?

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