Finding Peace


Riding on the smoky clouds
We enter the realms of rejuvenating mists
Fluttering around Angelic alacrity
To recreate this amorphous adventure

Who is this between us?
Accentuating the beauty of our venture
Adept at changing shapes
Adorning colors of similar semblance

Disseminating vibes of vibrant lure
Evincing our real rapport
Beams of light kissing our faces
Lending a glow of glorious brilliance

Shining in our own characters
Away from ear-shattering sounds
We soar away from strife and animosity
Earthly identities seem insignificant

Detachment seems so blissful
You may call it escapism
You are free to judge us
We are beyond your chaotic world!
© Balroop Singh

Written for Sue Vincent’s #photoprompt Wisp.

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The Song Of A River I Had Heard Once Upon A Time…

Song of a river

I had heard this song from the window of my room, a room I had checked in, to spend two days in the picturesque surroundings, by the side of a river, which comes cascading down the majestic mountains at a spectacular speed, producing amazing whirlpools near the boulders.

When my dear friend, Louise Gallagher spoke about ‘the poetry of a river’, this memory (almost twenty years old) suddenly emerged from the remotest corners of my mind and stood before me, extending its arms to embrace me once again.

Isn’t mind a strange canvas?

It records all those lovely scenic moments and flashes them before our eyes the moment we feel connected to similar situations.

My love for that flowing water, for those snow capped mountains from where this song must have started has never abated albeit I had almost forgotten about those two days of celestial bliss I had enjoyed in the lap of Nature.

Time seems to have stood still… with that song reverberating around me.

A song so soft, so mesmerizingly magical that … as if each bounce of flowing water whispered into my ears the unforgettable lyrics… a song having the quality of a lilting and enchanting tune, unique in its form.

Moments of exhilaration!

Sitting by its side the next morning as it gurgled down with glee, I tried to sing with it and soak in those fleeting moments of unexpected joy. I marveled at its sparkling surge and luminosity that never loses its sheen.

I admired the freedom that nature endows us with.

The song of a river


I wondered at the message that was written on its ripples, the message of surging ahead, of making its own way through the impediments, of singing happily despite the turbulences created by the unforeseen circumstances.

Life too is so similar to a river. We can’t detach it from water, its lifeline.

Is life possible without water? Is it imaginable without the rocky surface and inevitable incidence?

Can we stop its flow and speed? Its childlike innocence, its radiance, its twists and twirls remind us of little joys of life. Its depth and fortitude speak about the stormy weather, which is knitted into the fabric of our lives.

As a turbulent life is more eventful and adventurous, so are the travails of a river.

It might sing for us, endow us with beautiful memories but its own life is replete with unspeakable struggles as it leaves the snowy surroundings to meet the expectations of modern man…and that is another story to be lamented later.

Even if we try to harness its power, we can’t stop its fury and flow. It still whispers into our ears to be cautious, to face all the curves of life happily and meet the obstacles with the determination of hurtling down, which changes even the shape of pebbles.

How well has Ian Menard summed up all the erudite charm of a river that sings the song of life: “I am the river…sit and listen to my wisdom.”

Impact of the song

I have spent countless days in the lap of Nature, watching the movement of clouds and the orange glow that spreads across the sky, dancing in the sudden hailstorm, sliding in the snow, walking in the woods and deriving solace from the whispering of the pines but the impact of that song, which I had heard twenty years ago is far more profound and eternal.

It taught me those lessons of life, which are timeless.

Do you have any such memories? Have you felt the power of Nature?

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Balroop Singh