An apostle of care and compassion
Born to nurture with patience and passion
She fills the world with color and candor
She rocks the cradle and rules the hearts.

A combination of dew and dove
She spreads the fragrance of selfless love
Who never ceases to be affectionate
She is the sunshine of our days.

Her tender touch heals and charms
A true analyzer, with her composure she calms
An intuitive listener, she understands all
What people aspire, she attains with a smile.

The power she possesses is unseen
A Goddess of love, with observation keen
Who inculcates harmony and faith
She strengthens our family bonds.


 This poem is an excerpt from my book ‘Sublime Shadows Of Life’ (available at

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This picture, which I found online seems to be a perfect blend of love, care and happiness of a mother and a child. I am sharing it for another reason…the definition of mom, it presents, is one of the BEST, not to miss the lovely smiles that tugged at my heart! HAPPY MOTHERS’ DAY!