My Creative Cave

Image from Pixaby

My creative cave
Is open from both sides
Starry nights spread their tresses
When sun wanders away.

My heart tingles with delight
When the glow of moon
Creates magic in my cave
My pen drapes around the light.

Emotions echo
To release the words
Oppressed by feral fears 
Creativity cedes her hold.

Till dawn breaks
Bringing dewy-damp whispers
And melody of flowers
A new song reverberates.

A song in synch with the surroundings
A song that soothes many hearts.
© Balroop Singh, June 2021

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Colleen’s Ekphrastic #PhotoPrompt

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA:  Trent McDonald, photographer

I embody desires
My power can never be calmed
I breathe moments
That flow through timeless terrain
To add glory to wilderness.


I race like thoughts
Yet I could calm a myriad mind
I heal without words
Hopes crumble into me 
To create a balm for souls.


Thanks to Colleen and Trent for the inspiration.

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Clouds #NaPoWriMo

Clouds calmly combine
To celebrate love for my poetry
Echoes resound


Hope sleeps on clouds
Drifts with their rolling rings
Conjuring its own path


Light shines through clouds
Inspires us to trust new horizons
Cynicism recedes


We fly on the waves of whim
When our dreams get wings
Clouds crumble to comply


© Balroop Singh

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A Coveted Beauty #NaPoWriMo

I never sign up for “NaPoWriMo,” (National Poetry Writing Month) but try to write one poem each day. That keeps me stress free.

Here is one of the ten poems I have written this month. I hope to write ten more.

She lives in the shadows
Green dreams lull her to sleep,
Wind whispers soft tunes
Stars share her stories.

Her golden gown lends light
To brighten the dawn,
Lilies embrace her feet 
Her fragrance mingles in them.

A coveted beauty of the gardens
Entwined with buds,
With tresses that touch the dew
Her graceful gait delights many.

Welcomed warmly by birds and bees
She swings on trees for a while,
Adds romance to the scene
And moves on, with the blink of an eye!
© Balroop Singh, April 2021

Thank you.

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Sue Vincent’s #Writephoto


Crescent is complacent
It knows its glorious glimmer
Would wilt the transient cover
Of clouds that may seem threatening
Sun whispers hope.

I could hear the melodies
Of crescent moon that hung above
Darkness melted with the lilting sound
That merged in the symphony of sun
I chose life.

Skeptical of stepping
Into the wider world of hope
Where darkness disturbed the quiet
She stood rooted to the threshold
Shackled by false safety.

If the night was dark
A new day is smiling at the horizon
You hug clouds but I look at the sun
The harbinger of new hues
That speak of life.

© Balroop Singh

Thanks to Sue Vincent for an inspiring Thursday #photoprompt Crescent

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