Looking Beyond

Looking beyond the roadblocks

Our path may lead us to make us unique
Yet we have to bridge that distance
To find our sacred space
A space that springs solace
So that the weary traveler finds a place
To rejuvenate, to reflect, to race…
The roadblocks may scare us
Yet we have to revive
The art of wisdom within
The light, the insight, which only gleams
When our heart aligns with our head
We learn to see beyond little achievements
We learn to know ourselves
We discover the harmony only
To fathom the depth of our aspirations
Our dreams, which lingered…
If they have waited behind the drapes
Are they worth pursuing?
We need to ponder…
If they couldn’t ignite the light within
Are they pertinent at twilight?
When afterglow lingers long…
The emotional capital that demands debt
The fading glow that yearns for upsurge
The frozen emotions that crave to thaw
The weary eyes that ache to sleep!
Sleep…the eternal bliss, the only antidote
Sleep…the delightful dreamy domain
Of all apprehensions, of all detachments
Sleep…the inevitable reality of life!
I’ll wake up in another land… of hopes
I look forward to living again
This time with renewed fervor and freedom
Promising myself to follow unfulfilled aspirations.
© Balroop Singh.

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Follow The Sunshine

Follow Sunshine, Hope

When darkness descends
Black horses gather around you
To carry you far into the land of oblivion
All the tunnels close upon you.

When darkness descends
The streaks of light look bizarre
Blinding our perceptive purport
Wearing weariness we stretch further.

When darkness descends
We start loving the surrendering swim
Waiting to go down,
Drowning into the sea of self-aversion.

When darkness descends
We love to wander in those alleys
Which seem soothing, seeking therapy
To pacify our embattled ego

Till we drag ourselves out
To look at the shimmering stars
Whose twinkling light beckons
To rekindle the hope

Till we look beyond the horizon
To talk to our deepest disillusionment
To snub the chatter of covert despair
To harness the dark horses

Till we learn to appreciate the dim light
Which is always flickering
Till we look at the dawn
Which always shatters the darkest night

Till we channelize the negative thoughts
Which are self-disparaging
Till we usher in the sunshine
Which is all around us, always accessible.

© Balroop Singh.
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The Secret Of Being Alive


Torrential thoughts stir the ghosts of past
Throttling pain feeds on grisly graves
Pushing past away, I continue to thrive
In the rhythm of throbbing life

Life that seems scrupulously seamless
Having sustained stormy waves
Craves for calm waters and sunshine
Nurturing the hope… clouds would subside

Swaying droplets of indifferent love
Stand sprinkled all around
The charade of connection continues
Evoking detest, dissent and disenchantment
Sharp shards of shattered emotions
Pierce as I try to gather those sensations
Wilderness walks with me
Yet a dim, discrete light beckons…

Rise from those dumps of depression!
Bury those personal regrets deep inside!
Focus on self-healing, self-love
Only trust can keep you alive.

Minuscule moments of hope awning around
Floating like bubbles but burst without a sound
Duress of living with mixed thoughts
Flying on the wings of optimism I thrive!
© Balroop Singh.

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Opportunities Knock and Knock! Be Optimistic!


Who says opportunity knocks just once? That is the view of an eager pessimist who wants to grab the very first opportunity he comes across. I would say; opportunities keep knocking every now and then.

Even now as I write this, my ears are at the door, at the windows…eager to hear the knocks, waiting to perceive whether it is the knock of an opportunity that is exciting!

We have to be alert enough to recognize the right one. Each opportunity comes with a promise, with a dream and a threshold.

Like the artist who always wanted to paint a masterpiece but had never started it, waiting for the right moment, the true inspiration.

Like the girl who lived in an oppressive and conservative society but wanted the best education. She didn’t give up even after being shot at!

Like the destitute who was abandoned and sold by her biological mother but who managed to find a life of dignity.  

Like the young man who wanted to drive out foreigners from his motherland. He consolidated all the forces before grabbing the opportunity.

Like the leader who wanted to wipe out slavery from the face of this earth.

They waited for fresh opportunities, each time they saw disappointment. They built their own chances! They believed…“If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door”—Milton Berle.

I gave up a secure job at the age of 23 to follow my dream. I was scoffed at, guided by my well- wishers to reconsider my decision but I refused to be cowed down by the so-called mature opinions. I was confident that I would meet many more opportunities and I did. I gave up my second job to raise my child, once again with robust optimism to explore new avenues.

“A wise man will make more opportunities than he finds.”—Francis Bacon

 Opportunities kept knocking and I welcomed them as and when I wanted them. If we possess the zeal, the determination and the doggedness to wait for the best one, it comes knocking at our door. It is our intuition that guides us to open the door, when there is the need to welcome the opportunity we wait for.Image

 Sometimes opportunities come in the form of blessings, most unexpected but they also come in the form of misfortunes, which we keep cursing, failing to comprehend what they have to offer.

Haven’t you heard people say: ‘I hate my job but I’ve got to stick to it’. Those who live in the constant fear; those who are indecisive; lack the initiative and confidence to face the risks can never meet new opportunities.

“No great man ever complains of want of opportunities.”—Ralph Waldo Emerson

Mist of circumstances blocks our imagination, stops us from making new beginnings. There is a silence within us, which responds only when the opportunity connects with our passion.

Opportunities are like drops of rain…you have to welcome them, harvest them and make them turn around! If you carry an umbrella all the time, you will miss the fun of soaking in their grandeur. They make you the person you would like to be, one day!

If you want to pick up the right opportunity,

  • Have faith in yourself.
  • Banish fears.
  • Follow your dreams.
  • Take initiative.

“Create the world you want and fill it with the opportunities that matter to you”—Alicia Keys.

What stops you from making new beginnings? Do you have the determination to create your own opportunities? You can share your valuable thoughts here.

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Balroop Singh.