Looking Beyond

Looking beyond the roadblocks

Our path may lead us to make us unique
Yet we have to bridge that distance
To find our sacred space
A space that springs solace
So that the weary traveler finds a place
To rejuvenate, to reflect, to race…
The roadblocks may scare us
Yet we have to revive
The art of wisdom within
The light, the insight, which only gleams
When our heart aligns with our head
We learn to see beyond little achievements
We learn to know ourselves
We discover the harmony only
To fathom the depth of our aspirations
Our dreams, which lingered…
If they have waited behind the drapes
Are they worth pursuing?
We need to ponder…
If they couldn’t ignite the light within
Are they pertinent at twilight?
When afterglow lingers long…
The emotional capital that demands debt
The fading glow that yearns for upsurge
The frozen emotions that crave to thaw
The weary eyes that ache to sleep!
Sleep…the eternal bliss, the only antidote
Sleep…the delightful dreamy domain
Of all apprehensions, of all detachments
Sleep…the inevitable reality of life!
I’ll wake up in another land… of hopes
I look forward to living again
This time with renewed fervor and freedom
Promising myself to follow unfulfilled aspirations.
© Balroop Singh.

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