#TankaTuesday #Poetry Challenge

Tilini – The Himalaya, 2021 photo credit – sangeetha

breeze blends into love 
whispering rhythmic tunes
colors have faded
but our relationship knows
how we defeated darkness


bound by promises
and the gnarled branches of life,
constant companions
waiting for the final kiss
life’s winter is beckoning


inspired from your love
I watch you, waiting for spring
to dance once again
and dispel loneliness that
lingers in my pining heart

© Balroop Singh

Thanks to Colleen M. Chesebro for weekly poetry challenge at Word Craft: Prose & Poetry for the inspiration.

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The Song Of Peace

My inkpot is empty
My words hang in the air
Yearning to communicate.

I stir my words in the teacup
Their warmth is wafting
Eager to touch you.

I try to carve them on your heart
They melt and mix in your blood
Losing their charm.

How will posterity read them?
I need new inkpots
My journal is wistful and forlorn.

Embedded within its pages
My words wish to soar
Words that whisper and warble…

The song of peace.

© Balroop Singh

Thank you. 

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Ghosts of the Past

Image from Pixaby

Who doesn’t meet them?
Who doesn’t get pulled in by them
Into those alleys we would like to forget?

I exorcised them, pushed them away
Away into the valleys of obscurity
Closed my doors despite their persistence.

I know they visit uninvited,
They linger in the shadows
To fan your wrath, to create ruckus.

The more you feed them,
The bolder they get
To add angst to your heart.

Only when you stop listening to them
Only when you accept the past
And forgive those you hold responsible

Only when you fight
The self-created demons
Only then, will they recede.

Serenity lies within your heart
But you have to stoke it
To let it permeate around you.
© Balroop Singh

Inspired from somebody who clings to the past and keeps wallowing in self-pity.

Thank you.

Many thanks to Colleen for a lovely review of my latest release – Slivers: Chiseled Poetry

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My Creative Cave

Image from Pixaby

My creative cave
Is open from both sides
Starry nights spread their tresses
When sun wanders away.

My heart tingles with delight
When the glow of moon
Creates magic in my cave
My pen drapes around the light.

Emotions echo
To release the words
Oppressed by feral fears 
Creativity cedes her hold.

Till dawn breaks
Bringing dewy-damp whispers
And melody of flowers
A new song reverberates.

A song in synch with the surroundings
A song that soothes many hearts.
© Balroop Singh, June 2021

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Colleen’s Ekphrastic #PhotoPrompt

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA:  Trent McDonald, photographer

I embody desires
My power can never be calmed
I breathe moments
That flow through timeless terrain
To add glory to wilderness.


I race like thoughts
Yet I could calm a myriad mind
I heal without words
Hopes crumble into me 
To create a balm for souls.


Thanks to Colleen and Trent for the inspiration.

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