The Light Of Peace

I was drowning in the sea of despair
I refused to clutch hope, my closest friend
An Angel of peace spoke softly
Last night… when my heart was bleeding
An Angel of peace pointed atLight of peace
The celestial light streaming outside
An Angel of peace gave me hope
Too delicate to hold at such an hour
An Angel of peace walked with me
Blessing all who lay in the pool of blood
An Angel of peace wiped my tears
Calmed my emotional outbursts
An Angel of peace made me peep
Inside the masks that often deceive
An Angel of peace infused a new light
A light of conviction and strength
An Angel of peace smiled solemnly
Promising to unravel all the secrets
An Angel of peace held my hand
Assuring me…no more hearts would be broken
An Angel of peace reassured me
This light would no longer be an illusion.
© Balroop Singh
All rights reserved.

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