Time is The Most Unknown…

“Time is the most unknown of all unknown things” – Aristotle

Inspired from this observation, I have tried to understand ‘Time’ and would like to share it with you today.

However, at the last moment I got invited to Aha.now, hosted by one of my favorite online friends, Harleena Singh. She has been so benevolent in saying that I could bring all my friends and readers along as special guests!

When I was young, very young, my innocently repeated question was: What is time… Where can we find it?

Nobody could answer it better than my dad. For him time was much more than just a measure in which events could be recorded and seen. He told me to look at the sun and its movement across the sky.

His response helped me see beyond the obvious. It opened vast vistas before me. It gave an impetus to my creative eye. Watching the movement of sun acquainted me with various hues of the sky and much more!

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Balroop Singh.

Dreams…A Domain We Love To Visit


Like fragrant flowers under our feet
Like diaphanous drops of first rain
Like moonlight soothing our eyes
Like water boats floated with childlike charm
Dreams remain our precious possessions.

Dreams gently caress us, carry us along
Awaken us out of their magic
Sometimes, stimulate us into activity
Encourage us to embark on the journey
To make a beginning, to plod on

Dreams are those concepts, those desires
Which remain deeply entrenched in us
Till we work on those images of mind
Flow in their current, shield them
From stormy waters… love them!

Dreams ignite a fire within us
A fire of reality, of confidence, of success
They push us into the life of adventure,
To rush, to explore, to accomplish
They steer us towards our goal

Dreams drown dreary thoughts
Keep us alive in the worst of times
They give wings to our heavy heart,
They transport us into another world
A world of our choice.
© Balroop Singh

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