How The Power Of Serenity Can Lead Us To The Path Of Spirituality


Have you ever experienced the power of serenity?

Hard to envisage in this competitive, fast paced, digital world, in which staying connected is as natural as breathing!

With smart phones in each hand and the urge to get ahead in life, serenity is just a word, which most people park in their backyards. It sits quietly within the trees even when the rustling is calmed by the fall. It waits patiently and is ready to embrace you whenever you feel the need.

A discerning eye can see it in the dewdrops, in the wildflowers, in each petal that can lend color to our eyes.

Look at the rainbow…a quintessence of serenity.

Look at the calm waters of lakes… they breathe immeasurable tranquility.

Look at the snow-covered mountains in winter…the serenity and contentment they communicate is transcendent.

Look at the dawn, breaking slowly at the horizon.

They calm our mind in an unimaginable manner.

The mind is always racing, planning to execute all our wishes quickly. Serenity is seldom its goal but a secret wish in turbulent times, when the storm becomes unbearable.

Prudent are those who take care of keeping their mind calm, who don’t take mental health for granted, who know that our mind can easily get perturbed and shouts often, for serenity.

Enlightened are those who nurture the patience to listen calmly. The pleasure is not just theirs but they breathe a sense of contentment, they pass on an aura of wisdom to all those around them. When they speak, each person listens and values each word!

“The more tranquil a man becomes, the greater is his success, his influence, his power for good. Calmness of mind is one of the beautiful jewels of wisdom.” – James Allen

Serenity has to be desired, nurtured and practiced and once we acquire that state, all anxieties and pressures melt away.

There has to be an intention to bring in calmness. While being busy is very important, at the same time we have to take out some time for imbibing calmness, which comes very slowly.

It is so difficult to remain calm in a charged atmosphere, I know that is what you are thinking right now and I agree with you. We can learn to calm our mind but before that we have to practice:

Calmness of heart: Calmness is actually the quality of the heart. It is the heart, which communicates with the ephemeral sphere, and the body absorbs it. Words are controlled by the mind but only if the heart is trained to confine them within.

Calmness of body: Calmness can be imbibed through meditation. Human body is under constant stress, which can be reduced if we learn to meditate, which focuses on positive energy, calming down of nerves and reduces high blood pressure.

Calmness of words: The choice of words can soothe many emotions. All anger melts down when it meets thoughtful words, used for diffusing a tense or electrifying situation.

Calmness of mind: A solitary hour with oneself, self-confabulation and meditation can take us into the realms of serenity. The mind stops racing when we take a nature walk or just look at the clouds that disintegrate at the horizon.


A serene person is often mistaken to be a weak personality but nobody can fathom the depth of his thoughts, which bring those tranquil moments.

It is only the calm mind that can look forward to ethereal blessings, which eventually lead us to the path of spirituality.

Are they connected? Yes, serenity can lead us to spiritualism!

When we start discarding negative thoughts, when we begin to understand the feelings and emotions of people around us, when we adapt to changes without any grunts, when we adopt a positive approach to life, when serenity and self-healing becomes our goal – we may be gearing towards spiritualism.

The key lies in training your thoughts and emotions…say to yourself – calm down, calm down…a few times. This training is not easy but achievable.

Do you have a calm mind? How do you achieve that blessed state?

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Serenity makes us sentient!

Balroop Singh.


The Call Of Calmness


Gentle breeze breathes a quiet message…
I am here to bless you
To softly swing,
Sway with your dreams

Don your dewy dress of harmony
Hold me in your arms lightly
I can take you beyond branches
Of those trees, stirring serenely
Inhale that cogent calmness
Expunge all angst and anger
Trust my trail, believe in hope
Breathe in breezy light of love
We can fly beyond boundaries
I can show you the gale of happiness
It follows us wherever we go
It changes its face when it has to flow
Over the vales of wishes
Even the dales of despair
Surmounting them all
Into the lucid light of serendipity.
© Balroop Singh

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Idyllic Hours

Calmness, peace

Oh! The bliss of leisure
Long hours lengthen,
Crumble at your feet!
All the time in the world…
To look at the sky,
Feel the movement of clouds
Inhale the magic of raindrops!
Soar smoothly with the rainbow!
Sunset colors gently wane
Sprinkling on you, numerous tones
Swooshing leaves whisper weird words
Flowers dance with you as you gaze 
Butterflies lend their color to your dreams
Happiness and harmony in your eye gleams
Birds sing sweeter with joy
Earnest to share their melody
Oh! The blissful sounds of nature
Sink deeper into your heart
Give eternal elation
All anxiety melts away.
© Balroop Singh.

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Is Contentment A Synonym Of Happiness?


When we are happy, we are content or is it the other way round? The connection between the two is so sublime and so enriching that it is difficult to tell the two apart. I am sure many of you would agree with me.

Contentment is that blessed state of mind, which transcends all levels of joy, elation and happiness as it has seen all of them. Even when it has not met these exquisite emotions, it knows how to make peace with life.

What is contentment?

  • It is the state of accepting what is the best for us.
  • It is cultivating the patience to surrender desire.
  • It is the serenity of reaching our potential.
  • It is feeling a sense of security and self-fulfillment.
  • It is giving up the tendency to compare ourselves with people around us.
  • It is the inclination to accept disparities.
  • It is that inner tranquility, which harvests happiness.

To my mind, contentment should be a synonym of happiness. When we develop an attitude of accepting what we have and promise ourselves to do better, to continue the efforts – that could be the state of being happy with ourselves.

“Supreme happiness consists in self-contentment.” —Jacques Rousseau.

What is Happiness?

We know that happiness doesn’t come from material possessions, power or wealth. Don’t equate the joy of acquiring more with happiness, which is a misnomer. Happiness is a profound feeling of contentment and knowledge that all the blessings of life are around us, only if we can perceive them.

Happiness lies in our hearts! We need to nurture it to keep it alive. Emotional upheavals keep jolting our happiness but contentment balances and stabilizes it.

The Happy Man:

Have you read the story of ‘The Enchanted Shirt’? This shirt was recommended for a king who could not get well despite all the medicines, which were prescribed by the royal doctors. The king’s men traveled far and wide to find a ‘happy man’ so that they could borrow his shirt to make their king healthy and happy.

The man who claimed to be happy was brought to meet the king, who requested him to give him his shirt. The happy man confessed that he didn’t have a shirt!

“Seek not to be rich, but happy. Riches lie in bags, happiness in contentment.”—Quaker William Penn.

Contentment is so fastidious! So is happiness…

It changes with time and space. It is always thinking of the next step, assuring us that it would be pleased the moment we take that step, betraying us the moment we reach there!

When we are rushing to fulfill our aspirations, it wants leisure. It says: go slow, enjoy life, and soak in the splendor of your achievements.

When we slow down, it craves for more! When it has enough time, it wants to pursue those hectic life activities. It disapproves a chaotic life yet it gets distraught with less commotion.

“He who is not contented with what he has, would not be contented with what he would like to have.”—Socrates.

How to be more content and happy:Contentment2a

Live in the present moment:

We have no control over the past. Present is the only asset in our hands, it is better to accept it and savor it. The moment it slips away, we’ll have another moment. Put all those moments together to derive the bliss out of them. Accept the challenge of the present to do something better that gives you inner peace. There is an inexplicable contentment in making others happy.

Make Leisure activities a part of your life:

Lower the frantic pace of life from time to time. Small breaks, weekend relaxation at your favorite spots, which may be just the backyard of your home, watching the treetops and the movement of clouds – they carry us into that unknown domain of contentment for a short period of time, when we can take stock of our life at large.

Don’t compare:

Comparisons often disappoint us, they breed discontent. They always give an impetus to unrealistic goals. Happiness and contentment cannot be described in terms of a fat income and a massive mansion, which may be devoid of the glow of good relationships.

Connect with family and friends:

Contentment blossoms in the hearts of those, who care for loving relationships. If we nurture our connections with love, compassion and empathy, if we stand by our friends, if we understand the value of each one of them, our life glimmers with eternal happiness.

Count your blessings:

Life can never be perfect. Contentment makes it so. Lets reflect on the blessings of life we have all around us, many of which have been given to us as free gifts that we cherish.

Give priority to your personal health and happiness. Join a laughter club.

Do you count your blessings? Does it bring contentment? Is happiness and offshoot of contentment? I would love to hear your views.

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Balroop Singh.

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The Valley Of Happiness

They lived in the valley of happiness
Away from the hypocritical world
A valley, surrounded by flowers
Welcoming sunshine, rain and snow.
They had braved the storms of life,
They believed in themselves!

Broken dreams didn’t bother them
Happiness was not a destination
It was harmony with their thoughts
It was absorbing the radiance of stars
It was merging into the dark clouds
It was reveling in the glory of the rainbow.

The door to happiness was always ajar
The key to that door… in their hearts
Happiness just sneaked in!
Sometimes the door was left unlatched
Serenity and calmness tiptoed
To warm their hearts with inner peace!

© Balroop Singh

All rights reserved.

Are you happy? What does happiness mean to you? Have you ever added happiness to somebody’s life? Please share your thoughts.

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