My Neglected Baby




My neglected baby

Who made me a poet

Craving for attention.




My debut poetry book ‘Sublime Shadows Of Life’ is available for $0.99 at Amazon from 10 – 13 August 2017. When this book was published, I didn’t have a blog or any social media contacts to promote it or request reviews. The bliss of ignorance encompassed me!

The poems in this collection talk about bruised emotions and lost passions, which linger around us even when we try to bury them. While these poems give them a channel to flow freely, they also send vibes of positivity to deal with their shadows.

Sublime Shadows Of Life comments on life, its turbulent curves and relationships. It envisions people through the prism of poetry. I, you, he, we and they are universal symbols, which highlight the fact that happiness is not a destination but a chasm to bury agony, anguish, grief, distress and move on! No sea of solitude is so deep that it can drown us. Sometimes aspirations are trampled upon, the boulders of exploitation and discrimination may block your path but those who tread on undeterred are always successful.

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Balroop Singh.


Ignorance is Bliss?

This phrase – ‘Ignorance is bliss’ was coined by Thomas Gray in one of his poems – ‘Ode On a Distant Prospect of Eton College’– always gives me great solace. It takes me back into those corridors of life, which were happier mainly because I was less aware; I didn’t pine for things I didn’t know about.


When I was young, quite young, I had no idea that so many books contained so much of knowledge that could be beyond our comprehension. I was happy with whatever reading material I could find and felt that I had all the knowledge of the world.

When I gained some awareness about the vastness of this globe, I had no time to read much. I loved books and during my flights of fantasy, I could see myself writing. I would consciously tell myself – one day I would write my own book.

But I had no time!


Life became so busy and hectic that I forgot all about reading… writing was a far cry!

As I moved on, balancing various duties of a wife, mother, homemaker and teacher, I started recording my fleeting thoughts on whatever piece of paper or notepad I could find.

It was so easy to write! I didn’t have to struggle with the haphazard placement of syllables on a keyboard, trying to locate them. All of them could flow so spontaneously from my pen!

However, I couldn’t escape the invasion of technology into my life!

But ignorance didn’t end there. It never can!


At last when I could finally manage to type all those thoughts and organize them, I discovered that I had so many poems they could form a book.

My elation went through the roof. I was going to be a published writer!

I was most thankful to my Mac at this time who told me I could self publish!sublime shadows of life

I thought I was the most knowledgeable person on this earth. I did all the research how to format, how to publish, how to create a cover and wow! I was ready to publish.

And I published my first book of Poetry: SUBLIME SHADOWS OF LIFE

Once again, ignorance proved to be bliss for me!

Despite all the hard work that I had put in, my ignorance remained to be my best pal.

I basked in the glory of my published poetry but I didn’t know that books at

  • Need promotion.
  • Should have customer reviews
  • Can’t be gifted as free copies
  • Very few people like poetry.


It has been a long journey of striving to learn and I am not the one who would give up so easily. The writer in me says: KEEP GOING!

So having elbowed some of my ignorance out, I have made another effort. My second book, which is a Non-Fiction, is ready to get published. This time I am requesting the support of all my online friends to make it a success. Ironically its title is: WHEN SUCCESS ELUDES US A Step – by – Step Guide to Success, which will be launched on 21 July 2014 at

It contains the most honest and realistic experiences. Who could have written about it, if not me?

I am extremely grateful to all my friends who have promised to help. I also look forward to the support of all those valued visitors who like my blog.

I am open to all the suggestions and advice, which you would like to offer. Please give your suggestions in the form of comments. I value each one of them.

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Balroop Singh.