When We Gather The Courage To Step Out Of Our Comfort Zone…

Comfort Zone

All people don’t possess that courage, sometimes we are dissuaded by circumstances or some fears that lurk around keep warning us, whispering into our ears…is it that essential…aren’t you comfortable?

Do you know that ‘comfort zone’, though alluring is quite detrimental? It blocks our mind. It restricts our thinking. It encourages procrastination. It impedes our way to success.

Before we convince ourselves to step out, time flies, life passes by and we realize it is too late.

Too much of comfort makes us indolent and we start accepting life as it unfolds. We stop taking the risks. We forget that life is like a stream, not a lake, however beautiful it may seem.

I know a woman who believed in taking life easy. She never had any big goals; she was very fond of socializing and traveling. A fun-filled life motivated her more than her books. She had never taken her school and college assignments seriously, she had such friends who took pleasure in watching movies and organizing parties. She was not interested in balancing her life.

She happened to start her career as an elementary school teacher, just to earn some pocket money and that gave her great satisfaction. She had never thought beyond that but she happened to marry a very ambitious doctor, whose main interest was a successful profession. He tried to motivate her, persuade her and advise her to take her profession seriously. He reminded her that she was highly qualified.

Let’s call her Shimmer. She didn’t pay any attention to all that pep talk, which she had to hear every single day. She wanted to live in her comfort zone. She thought she wouldn’t be able to handle more than what was in her hands. She got a better break in a high school, which was nearer to her home and her daughter too could study there, so Shimmer changed her job, which seemed to be the best one to her, now.

The awakening hit her one-day when during an argument about her job; she was mocked at for being an ordinary teacher. This hurt her deeply because she knew she had never explored her capabilities. She knew she could accomplish whatever she wanted to.Comfort Zone

She just had to step out of her comfort zone! That off-the-cuff remark proved to be a defining moment for her career. She took up the challenge to prove her worth.

She applied for the top positions at various schools and got picked up by an upcoming school at the young age of 32. She never looked back. She took a fledging institution to envious heights. People of her age looked up to her for inspiration.

Self-belief can take you to unimaginable pinnacles. We just have to tap the power within us; we just have to gather the courage to step out of that comfort zone, which disempowers us.

Shimmer had never made any endeavor to check her potential. Many people are trapped in such situations. They never feel motivated to go beyond the ordinary to see what lies ahead.

The same carefree person, fond of a lot of leisure and fun has completely changed. Now her comfort zone is her school, her students and all those responsibilities, which she carries out most sincerely.

She happens to be my younger sister!

From an elementary school teacher to the illustrious Principal of a renowned school, the journey was quite smooth because a new challenge inspired her to step out of her comfort zone.

When we step out of our comfort zone:

  • We can work on those long forgotten dreams.
  • We can find new untrodden paths.
  • We can rediscover ourselves.
  • We meet new and interesting people.
  • We encounter new challenges.
  • We learn with every endeavor.
  • New avenues of growth unfold before us.

“We cannot expect to grow if we are too afraid or unwilling to change and face challenges. When we exit our everyday, mundane lifestyles to do something different we can experience growth, undiscovered strength, and new abilities within ourselves.” – Ashley Ormon

All we need is a little push but that has to come from within. It is our own inner voice that can nudge us and infuse new verve into us.

Do you lack that valor? Are you dwelling in your comfort zone? What inspires you? I would love to hear your views.

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Balroop Singh

6 Emotions That Can Guide Us Towards Success!

Success and emotions

The corridors of success are illuminated by our emotions but their role is often underestimated.

Do you know which emotions stimulate us towards success?

You have often met them but never paid much attention.

Albert Einstein’s advice is so relevant even today – “Try not to become a man of success. Rather become a man of value.”

A man of value is guided more by emotions; he knows he will meet them on the way up the ladder of success. His journey may be slow and arduous but the outcome is always more fulfilling.

Real success is determined by these emotions:


Happiness may lie within, as most people say but it begins with those moments of realization when we discover our passion, our goal and our path to that horizon, which we want to reach. The moment we recognize what is good for us, what gives us more happiness, that is the moment of great achievement. Look for that moment. The sooner you discover it, the better it would be for your success.


Hope is that bird, which keeps humming into our ears that the success we seek, is attainable. It keeps reminding us that with perseverance and determination, we can overcome all those hurdles, which may scuttle our success. It endows us with extra energy to meet all those challenges, which may seem insurmountable; it unravels that luminous path, which enlightens all the dark alleys of our mind.


Desire lies dormant in our hearts; slowly it keeps getting stronger and ignites the will to be like our role models. It impels us to have faith in our capabilities; it pushes us to follow our passion. It is the desire to come up to the expectations of our parents and teachers, the desire to do as well as our peers and siblings, which makes us strive to go up the ladder of success.


It is the fear of failure that keeps us motivated. Fear may be a negative emotion but the boost that it provides to our instincts is definitely positive. Tell yourself…what if I fail? That would NOT be the end of life. I can always start again. What if there is competition? We can only excel if there are some challenges before us. This life is so boring without them.


It is the trust in those wonderful people, our first emotional anchors, our parents, siblings and friends that cements our confidence in our pursuit of success. Their valuable support reassures us that we are on the right track. If we share our dreams, worries and plans with them, they feel pleasure in guiding us emotionally as well as financially. “I’m a success today because I had a friend who believed in me and I didn’t have the heart to let him down.”—Abraham Lincoln


No successful man could reach his goal in a day. It took him hours of uninterrupted work, days of planning ahead, months of slogging and years of persistent effort to become successful. Nobody can jump the bars of a ladder and reach the top. You have to climb up slowly and steadily, with patience and faith in your ability to persevere.

There is a very thin line between emotions and ethics. If we possess the capability to work sincerely, if we can maintain that much needed harmony between values and emotions, we can fulfill all our dreams of success.

If we are passionate about those dreams, if we get emotionally charged to get the results, if we possess that killer instinct, that confidence, which develops slowly; success has to bow before us!

Are you emotionally related to success? What does success mean to you? I would love to hear from you.

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Do You Know What Is Real Success?

Success Cover

Success!! The magic word that defines our dreams! The potion that intoxicates! The path that seems so tempting, so inspiring, yet so challenging! The chase that is ceaseless, exasperating at times, enlivens our lives the moment we accomplish our goals.

Real success – an enigma for some, conclusive for others.

The definition of real success changes with time and place. It also redesigns itself according to the limitations, the cultural nuances and interpretations.


During my hours of brooding, I often contemplate about success. The question that reverberates around me is: why success eludes some people? While I try to explore the answers, my inner voice speaks eloquently:

Probably they lack focus; they don’t know their potential and are hazy about their goals. They don’t have that determination, that killer instinct to push ahead.

Often we try to relate to such situations and when I think about my potential, I get an affirmation from my conscience…I never had any doubts about that… but all other words swim around, making me a bit weak and I discover the answers to all those questions that have been perturbing me.


  • Did I focus on my goals?
  • Did I even recognize them as my real goals?
  • Did I possess the killer instinct?
  • Was I determined to succeed?
  • Was I unfortunate?
  • Is destiny the culprit?

I have talked about all these shortcomings and possibilities in my e-book:

When Success Eludes Us…A Step – by – Step Guide to Success, which has been launched on 21 July 2014 at Amazon.com

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Successful people follow success despite all odds; they consider the obstacles as stepping-stones. They don’t change their priorities.


I know success was never my priority. It never is for a girl child and in that part of the world I lived in, where we are conditioned to believe that higher studies don’t qualify us to be equal, it doesn’t give us all the privileges that women enjoy in liberated societies.

Whatever I achieved despite the societal beliefs and pressures I experienced, is no less than REAL success. The biggest credit for what I am today goes to my mother who refused to be cowed down by the beliefs of the society and let me go in for higher studies despite the limited resources at her disposal.

The pride that swells her heart and the happiness that shimmers on her face when she has been told that I have written my second book is inexplicable!

Have you accomplished your goals? Was success a priority for you? I would love to hear your views.

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