Redwoods Delight


Looking up at sequoia trees
Redwood National and State Park, Trinidad


Here I am on the tangible trail
Looking up in delight
Mesmerized by the height
Exhilarated by the light
Filtering through the circular canopies.
Lost in the moment.

Here I stand merging in the trees
Awed by their grandeur
Dazzled by their magnificence
Startled by the decay
New shoots sprouting from
Dead trees, testifying their latent power.

Mother Nature smiles sweetly
As I stand, intimidated and
Intoxicated by the fragrance of flora
Flourishing amid ironic beauty
Of fire damaged trunks
Standing tall to tell their seminal story.

Time – a mute spectator
Watches wistfully, losing its hold
Connection with the world seems insignificant
The haunting beauty lingers, returns in dreams
Transporting me to deeper and darker trails.
You can never have enough of this delight.
© Balroop Singh, August, 2018

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Balroop Singh