10 Reasons for Turning Work into Worship

Balroop Singh

Work merges into worship here! At the height of 17586 ft, with prayer flags all around, Indian Army guarding the borders!

Work is worship…I had heard this dictum as a child in my art class, when we were told to write it artistically and paint it.

At that stage I was not able to grasp its meaning and kept asking my friends how could work become worship. They were as clueless as I was and soon we forgot about it.
The truth of this maxim started unfolding, as my observations grew sharper…

Work is worship for the farmers who meet the first ray of the sun in their fields.

Work is worship for the homemakers who happily bustle about their family to attend to their needs, with love.

Work is worship for mothers whose world revolves around their children.

In modern, technology laded societies, work ethics have changed a bit but work remains worship for most of us.

Blessed is he who has found his work; let him ask no other blessedness”
–Thomas Carlyle


Our work becomes worship if we love it, if we are eager to accomplish our goals and if we are willing to give our 100% at our work.

1. It is our work that introduces us to the world, makes us realize its significance in terms of earning our livelihood and engaging in some useful activity to keep us busy.

2.It gives us a direction.
3. It acquaints us with sincerity.

4. It defines our personality further.
5. It gives us an opportunity to meet various kinds of people, deepens our understanding and outlook.

6. It endears us to our bosses, whose sole purpose is to squeeze work out of us.
7. It may make us an envious entity, worthy of challenging competition.

8. It gives us a great sense of achievement and gratification.
9. It redefines religion and faith, if we are hazy about the concept.
10.It leads us to glory.

God speaks through our work:

If we work happily, without any moans, putting your heart and soul into it, God appreciates our efforts. We need not go to places of worship to please Him.

The rewards of such worship:

They come in the form of happiness, contentment and peace of mind. God exults at our efforts to keep the connection with Him through what he has assigned to us… our work.

Do you fall into the category of those blessed with work? How do you turn it into worship? You can share your valuable thoughts here.

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