Living Again

Sue Vincent’s #writephoto

I rise from the valley of death
The valley you pushed me into
The valley I reject…
Its deluge couldn’t drown me.

I don’t want to mourn for
The blessings that I have lost
I refuse to crumble under them
Within me, I can hear a loud protest.

Your memories don’t make me smile
They offer no solace now
They rest on a rocky ledge
Floundering in watery grave.

Divesting that soaking attire
I am seeking new vistas
My eye lashes are glowing
Approbations no longer allure me.

I seek the company of those
Who can guide me, escort me
Toward the path of enlightenment,
Forgiveness and peace.
© Balroop Singh

Thanks to Sue Vincent for an inspiring Thursday #photoprompt Torrent

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41 thoughts on “Living Again

  1. Beautiful and strongly felt poem, Balroop. The second stanza rings like a declaration of
    strength from someone to long enslaved.
    All being washed clean in the stream.


  2. It is a very strong poem that shuns the past and looks forward at creating a better future. The images it creates in my mind is that of a person who has experienced an extended bad phase and a will to fight and win. Excellent words.

  3. I find it so fascinating how each different poet/writer interprets a photo. Your poem is strong (from the adversity) and life-affirming (giving up the negative). May we bloggers offer enlightenment to each other through our posts and our responses to each other’s stories and poem. ❤

  4. Wonderful words Balroop… Your words show the freedom of one who has found the flow from being trapped, as your words invite us to move on and through to leave behind those who caused negative wounds and embrace those whose harmony and love enfold us in safety and comfort..
    Loved it.. ❤

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