Freedom At Last


Walking uphill,
In search of my true self
Guided by the will to self-reflect
At last!
I follow the steady stream
Of consciousness, asking all the time
Is it the right time?
Do I need this?
Lost in tentative thoughts,
I fail to notice my mates
Lugging along,
Eager to offer succor
I tell solitude:
‘I have had enough of you
You can stay away
Let me move ahead.’
Determined to abandon distress
I ignore its presence
In the valley, on the side
Disregarding its alacrity to pull backwards
Tears refused to subside
They overpowered my spirit
I sat down in the company
Of my oldest confidants
Detachment and defiance at last
From the shackles of subjugation…
I soar freely with my new friends
To explore the wide world
Hope offered its camaraderie
Positivity promised to permeate around
Acceptance assured affinity
Confidence closed in compliant collusion!
© Balroop Singh
All rights reserved.

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My Friend ‘Five’ Still Loves Me Despite My Dislike For Her

Beauty of dawn

There was a time when “Five” was my dearest friend or a compulsive pal…she always chimed in as a loud, musical buddy, trying to remind me that I couldn’t survive without her, I would deeply regret if I disregarded her and therefore I had to share my steaming cup of tea with her.

No longer so! I dumped and divorced her and found my freedom. She continued to arrive even when I snapped off the musical chords she loved. I know I was callous but I had found another friend – ‘Eight’ who believed in liberation, who accosted and accompanied me into all those cool corridors of the dream world.

I owe a deep gratitude towards my dear friend “Five” for making me what I am today, for all those reflections she shared, all those words of caution she spilled around me and the plans she made for me to keep myself and my family happy and healthy, providing me with enough time to step outside and walk in the beauty of the first rays of the sun before I could rush to my work.

Isn’t that what we expect from friends? A true companion, who gave priority to my needs, caressed me when my limbs refused to leave the comfort of bed, reminding me that the moment I move my butt, I would be happier!

She taught me forbearance, calmness and patience. She walked hand in hand with me to the milestone of punctuality, acquainted me with the virtue called self-discipline. She impressed upon me the value of time but I detested her each morning for coming too early, yearning to shun her. She was quite understanding, as she gave me a breather on weekends!

I appreciate her noble nature as she still comes uninvited with her reminders, pulling me out to gaze at the eastern horizon, inspiring me to lift the pen that I pick up at will, motivating me to record those lovely moments of mesmerizing meetings, minutes of which gleam in my poetry.

‘Eight’ has relieved me of all my worries, time crumbles at his feet and he takes me into self-appointed hours of joy…the grace that I have acquired in his company is inimitable, the emotions that he acquainted me with are exquisite…he doesn’t believe in accelerating the pace of the day…the serenity with which he moves forward is unparalleled.

The soft soliloquies of ‘Eight’ endow me with the elegance of moving forward. He shows me how to slow down, let go and detach discreetly.

My oldest friends joy and woe visit me quite less now because happiness wields all the power in my home. Their dissonance started due to the demanding nature of joy and it often clashed with the calmness of happiness. I also like her, as she possesses the potential to drive away agony, angst and fear.

Now I hang out with “Eight” and “Happiness” and let their nuances color my thoughts. They hold a strange power to guide me, the comfort of their company steers me into the positive corridors of life.

“Five” knows I have forgotten her but she continues to bestow her blessings on me by visiting me whenever I need her, whenever I lack inspiration and those are the times I get up early from my bed even now.

Goodness is forgotten so easily! Indifference and hatred distress us forever!

Forgiveness is so hard whereas goodness doesn’t even come to our mind when we think of one mean act of somebody. We need reminders for invoking amity and altruism.My friend Five

“Five” continues to shimmer in my heart albeit I dislike her placement on the clock. I know her friendship with me grew warmer only due to that placement!

“They always say time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself.” – Andy Warhol

Do you like waking up early in the morning?

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Balroop Singh.

Flying High

Flying high

The path I chose, I follow it with pride
Thorny monsters monitor my trail
I know I can brush them aside
Each one reminds me of you!

Each spike strengthened me
Unrequited love is not my shriek
I know this love let me grow
I know obscure alleys scream louder

Respect, reverence, self-esteem
Are my basic requisites
I refuse to be a competitor
Who struggles for personal rights

The stumble, the search… stirred me
Questions… that haunted my sleep
Clamor and clutter… that robbed my peace
Elevate me, help me detach!

I am no longer tied to the cliffs
Threats don’t hold any ground
I have decided to fly high
On the winds of cool complacence

Who has the audacity to ask?
Who can misconstrue my intrepid intentions?
Who can doubt my positive power?
No one can sway my dauntless decision!
© Balroop Singh.

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Only Heart Brings Happiness…Why I Have Always Followed My Heart

Follow your heart

An invisible voice, probably an intuition has always mentored me. If I try to remember when did this voice become conspicuous, it recedes into unknown precincts but I know this voice too well, I know I could never defy it and I am happy I never felt the need.

I remember I have never been directed to follow my heart. All my major decisions were taken by somebody till a spark ignited deep down within my gut… it could be an instinctive feeling but I learnt to recognize it and took the charge.

Incredible joy

Whenever I have followed my heart, an incredible joy has glowed within me. I have felt that elation of achievement, which is associated with triumph.

When heart whispers, its tone may be low but it makes sense, as it really knows what makes us happy.

When we follow our heart, opinions are not imposed, dreams don’t get crushed, all our wishes get fulfilled and judgment stays out.

But we need unbridled confidence, a wider perspective and a strong will power to follow our heart.


Freedom of the heart sets us free. It opens all those channels through which our dreams can navigate stormy waters.

That doesn’t mean your journey would be smooth.

It never is. Life is always throwing new surprises and challenges. Setbacks do exasperate us but if we have followed our heart, we don’t have any regrets. We live with the satisfaction that we took all those decisions happily and we have done our best.

We have to overlook the demands and sentiments of others who may be having high expectations from us. At times we may get disliked, even condemned for choosing the path that suits us.

We all make mistakes, we miss opportunities, we cannot be perfect but that is the way of life! Fear keeps cautioning us but I never let it overpower my tender heart.

Like Albert Einstein’ “I believe in intuitions and inspirations.”

Have you ever felt the chatter of the mind? It keeps on reasoning, it keeps on weighing the pros and cons, it makes us dither but heart speaks in one word, one final word!

Wider choice

When I started listening to my heart, the first major decision I took independently was quitting my first job, the most secure job that could have made me very successful.

Now when I look back, I can say it was not a very wise decision but at that moment my heart said…what do you want…A life full of adventure with open doors of opportunities and explorations or living just in an alley?

I responded to my heart.

The answers I got were very convincing and I had to listen to what my heart was whispering.

Follow your heart

No regrets

I don’t have any regrets now. It is quite probable that I could have been stuck in that job and a small city. I am glad I left that city to touch new horizons.

I am very satisfied that I could raise my child myself, without worrying about pursuing a fledging career.

I am happy that living in a big city gave a better exposure to my family and me.

Another big decision of quitting another job came from my heart, which didn’t like the toxic atmosphere at my work place.

I didn’t get any opportunity to ponder over that decision because a better avenue was waiting for me…it showed me the way to the valley of happiness

Whether it is home décor or self-grooming, I have always followed my heart.

“When your heart feels at peace, rest assured, you are on the right track.” – Angie Karan Krezos


All those dreams, which I had for myself materialized when I started following my heart. Some got left behind but I didn’t look back to pull them out of those crevices, which were beyond me at that point of time.

When I grew out of the constraints of time, my heart taught me to weave new dreams.

It whispered to me…you are so beautiful and therefore I learnt to love myself the way I am.

Then it constantly murmured you are on the right path, keep going!

It has made me tolerant, benevolent and compassionate. When I was unhappy, my heart inspired me to be patient.

At times, it cries and teaches us a profound lesson – let go.

Detachment and forgiveness too comes from our heart.

Follow your heart, it knows the way to happiness.

Do you follow your heart? Do you get that feeling of liberation when you listen to it?

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Balroop Singh.

Emerging From Shadows

Speaking soothing syllables to myselfMy path
I try to form new words
Words of self-solace
Words of wisdom that are forced out
That could resonate with pain…

Love is not always revered
Sensitivity is not universal
Emotions are difficult to decipher
The spotlight never shines
If you hide behind those shadows

Shadows of indifferent past
Shadows of dreary darkness
The sheen of my dreams
The delusion of my success
Faded in that shadowy existence

I convince myself to rise, to react
To push perils that glare grimly
To satiate shadows that gloat glibly
Positive light is just round the corner
The hope is beckoning bright

I refuse to remain tied to false promises
I would choose my own path
Path that is luminously lucent
I need freedom from the clutches
Of guile, of hypocrisy, of servitude

I know my journey is arduous
But I am ready for new challenges
I have abandoned fears and tears
A new life begins now!
© Balroop Singh.

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