Glisten that Glowers

Sue Vincent’s #Writephoto

He sits at the beach. Alone, abandoned. The glistening sea seems to mock at him. The horizon is hazy; the beauty of the beach seems meaningless. The shimmer they soaked in sizzles within.

This sea is never going to be the same. Never. It had swallowed all he had, stripping him of his securities. The waves devoured her and he looked helplessly, shrieks died within his parched throat. He could hear them even in his sleep.

Why he comes back each evening – a question that haunts him. His eyes never seem to tire; he watches each wave with the hope of seeing her, mingled in the elixir that endows us with life! Some ironies are so ambiguous.

People passed by, reveling in their rendezvous with waves but he drowned in the aftermath, struggling to come to terms with a life, bereft of all smiles till this girl shook him.
“Want to be friends?”
He looked at her with blank eyes.
“Why are you sitting here alone?”
“I don’t have anybody. I lost my mother.”
“So what? I lost mine too and there are many who don’t have their moms around them.”
“Is your love so shallow?” he grimaced.
“No, I love myself. My therapist told me to make one new friend everyday and smile at him. I’ve learnt to smile.”

A smile can melt volcanoes. Just one person could change your life.
© Balroop Singh

Thanks to Sue Vincent for an inspiring Thursday #writephoto prompt Glisten

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42 thoughts on “Glisten that Glowers

  1. I love this little story, Balroop. A smile can melt volcanoes. Indeed. So important to be kind to others, especially now. I love the photo and the story you created from it is surprising and delightful at the same time. Well done.

  2. Wonderful tale of the power of the sea and emotions it evokes. Another take-away is that whatever sadness we’re experiencing in life, we are not alone. So, kindness and a smile is relied upon to life our spirits. 💗

    1. Yes Lauren, grief is not individualistic yet we have to steer those waters alone. Support of friends just reassures that we don’t drift into darkness. Thank you for your lovely words.

  3. Tears brimming, Balroop. A great deal of heartache, hope and wisdom in few words. I do believe “Just one person could change your life.” I know they have in mine. ❤️

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