How Emotional Vibes Of Colors Affect Our Personality

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Colors have always fascinated me as they are directly linked to emotions. Bright and happy colors spread vibes of ecstasy all around. They accentuate our celebrations and merge into our moods.

Colors respond to emotions and moods intuitively. They lend a new perspective to our lives.

It has been our tradition to wear bright colors for happy occasions to add that extra merry tinge to them. Muted colors are chosen for somber occasions.

My fascination for colors started very early, as I liked to paint more because I could play with various colors, mix them and create my own wonderful shades.

Growing up with the colors of my little garden made me understand and respect their significance. Watching flowers and butterflies was my favorite past time. Much of my love for nature is connected with the colors.

When Leigh Hunt said, ‘Colors are the smiles of nature’, he must have felt the emotional vibes of colors.

I learned to smile from colourful flowers, the rainbow and the sunset.

Colors of nature are more alluring as their hues change in the most natural manner.

Have you noticed the colors of the sky and the clouds…the dawn, the dusk and the dark clouds?

Gray may be a drab color but it keeps us riveted till thunder and lightening shake us out of our reflections. Its association with rain makes it all the more meaningful.

Gray also defines our romantic temperament!

Green, the most soothing and harmonious color binds us with Mother Nature. It emits positive vibes of growth, giving, prosperity and all embracing emotion. The exquisite attachments it creates are eternal!

I wonder how it fell into the hands of jealousy. Shakespeare’s ‘green-eyed monster’ doesn’t relate to the upbeat vibes of green color.

color quoteBlue color carries the vastness of the sky and the depth of the oceans, it breathes serenity and contentment and its shades merge all the emotions of fear, hope and trust.

Blue evokes divine blessings and infuses us with unflinching confidence when we say… ‘Sky is the limit’!

“Red is such an interesting color to correlate with emotion because it’s on both ends of the spectrum. On one end you have happiness, falling in love, infatuation with some one, passion, all that. On the other end, you’ve got obsession, jealousy, danger, fear, anger and frustration.” – Taylor Swift

Red has been my favorite color… how it got associated with danger, fear and anger is difficult to understand as red roses symbolize love and passion.

It is the most vibrant color that helps us thrive, the color of our blood, symbolic of life and energy.

A bride in Asian countries wears Red, which is the color of celebrating new sensitivities and relationships.

Red carpet welcome denotes honor, respect and grand reception but at the same time a red card or a red flag changes the whole vibrational frequency of this color!

The meaning and significance of many colors change according to places, cultures and circumstances.

The paradoxical uses of white are amazingly enigmatic.

White may be a color of purity, faith and innocence but it is worn at the weddings as well as funerals!

Black is as perplexing as white as it represents different meanings for people, occasions and cultures. A symbol of grief, it is also preferred for formal parties with great penchant.

When the night is black, the silvery white moon illuminates it with its unique color…its emotional appeal reaches many hearts and inspires the poets!

Yellow and orange, the beautiful colors of fall, of Sun and sunshine… a symbol of love, happiness, hope and heat. They blend into the blue to create a heavenly mesmerizing scene at the beginning and end of each day.

Ironically, they are also associated with fire, denoting danger but it was fire that introduced man to new avenues of progress.

Do you know we have only three primary colors? Red, yellow and blue.

All other colors are created from the combination of these colors. They are mixed and muted to create various shades for summer, winter and spring.

Do you know colors can change our emotional responses and our appearance? They can make us look happy or sad, heavier or lighter, romantic or boring!

If you want to see a riot of colors, visit India. Some of the states like Rajasthan, 532740_10150932713366007_1354189198_nPunjab and Gujarat are a living example of the brightest outfits, worn without any second thought.

Tulip gardens too present an outstanding specimen of how much colors attract us and affect our emotions.

What are your favorite colors? I have always loved the shades of pink and red and magenta. They keep me buoyant all the time!

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Balroop Singh.

32 thoughts on “How Emotional Vibes Of Colors Affect Our Personality

  1. Such a heartwarming post, Balroop. All this colour talk, now I’m seeing so many happy and bright colours in my head. I love how you included that quote by Taylor Swift here 😀 So true, red and all other colours generally tend to have two sides to them – various symbolic contrasts depending on where we are and the context of the situation. Very nice that you like red. I think it suits you and your personality. Vibrant. Vivid. Energetic. Lively. I see all these qualities in you as a writer.

    As for me, I used to like pink a lot when I was younger. When I grew older and today, my favourite colour is blue, light blue like the sky in particular. I find that it has a calming effect on me…and my bedsheets at home are blue and I think that goes someway in making me sleep better at night 😀 In general, my room is made up of neutral colours like light blue and white – nothing as vivid as red. I find that helps to get me in the mood to think, reflect and write.

    1. Hi Mabel,

      Thanks for analysing my personality with such beautiful adjectives…you are quite right, probably my liking of bold and bright colors matches with my bold nature. I must confess I give full credit for that to my circumstances, which challenged me at each step during my impressionable years to make me energetic and confident.

      Blue is undoubtedly a calm color, which is so well illustrated by nature. I have been consciously buying it now and calming down my likings with lighter hues of my favorite colors. Thanks for sharing your likings and giving such an awesome comment. Stay blessed!

  2. Your quote by the colorful artist, Paul Klee, was so fitting. I like bright colors
    You covered so much, most factual new lessons for me.

  3. What a nice and warm post Balroop. Colors have an influence on us, on our lives, on the world around us. I love bright colors. They give me energy. It’s like a burst of joy and pure love. I love India for this, even thought I’ve never visited this part of the world. I love the colourful dresses, the flowers.
    My favorite color is blue. I also like yellow – The great light. I’d rather wear white for funerals. I definitely don’t like black that much but it’s quite classy for sure. I wear some but always with bright colours.
    Stay blessed dear Balroop. And keep shining.

    1. Hi Marie,

      I am so glad to note that you like bright colors, most of the western world avoids it, which is quite incomprehensible. Yes, flowers and their varied varieties and colors definitely are mood swingers. Any time you plan to visit India, please tell me in advance, I too can plan my visit and be with you to add to your fun!

      Thanks for the wishes and kind words. You are so sweet! Love you for such beautiful words.

  4. Color is one of my favorite topics! I’m a painter and a designer so color theory and emotional reactions are always considered. I love Blues and greens. They seem to be the most popular color in my wardrobe. But pinks? I love every shade and in the fall I love the deep maroon. The Indian Saris in your culture are absolutely gorgeous, Balroop! Stunning show of color. I love red but rarely wear it. An interesting study on color is through the Chakras. Each of our body chakras is represented with a color ( i.e. green is the Heart chakra, not red 🙂 ). That takes another perspective on the whole emotional connection. Great post, Balroop. Lovely! Have a colorful day 🙂

    1. Hi Lisa,

      You love red! I love you for that! 🙂 There was a time that I had a red saree in silk, cotton, georgette and chiffon so that I could wear a one in all the seasons. Also the beige and white I bought had red borders. Alas they are gathering dust now in my wardrobes, having left most of them behind in my Delhi home. I really miss them!

      Though I try to avoid red now, even then it dominates my wardrobe in the form of western wear, recently I bought a jacket and despite all the colors around me, I fell for a deep maroon unconsciously! 🙂

      Thank you for sharing your insights about colors, it is interesting that green is associated with heart chakra!

  5. I’ve always loved purple, but in the past year or so I’ve shifted to favor turquoise.

    1. I too love dark red lipstick but don’t wear it any more. There was a time when I wore it to match my sarees. Learning to mellow, dear friend!
      Thanks for standing by to share your liking.

  6. A great post Balroop, Colours definitely plays a great role in our life..they also helped to change the moods…some colours uplift and make us happier while some others indirectly play a role to make up feel gloomy.
    You’ve amazingly explained the roles and way they are associated with our culture and nature…. loved the post… 🙂

    1. Hi Maniparna,

      Thank you for the kind words and liking this post. You are right, colors play a special role in giving a boost to our moods and I have actually experienced it by wearing a bright colour to step out of murky atmosphere.

      I appreciate your standing by to share your view.

  7. Hey hi 🙂
    I am on your blog for the first time and I am moved by this post.. Never have thought all these perceptions in colours 🙂
    Thanks for bringing it out and it was a refreshing read 🙂
    Lets stay connected 🙂
    And keep up the colourful smile 🙂

    1. Hi Samjoth,

      Welcome to Emotional Shadows, I am sure you will find many more perceptions of emotional moments I share here.
      I am so pleased to note that you found this post refreshing. Thank you so much!
      Love your smiles…they surely have a great potential to connect.
      Thanks for coming over and introducing me to your blog. I have enjoyed browsing through it. 🙂

      1. Its glad connecting to you and I happy that you enjoyed my writes 🙂
        Stay connected 🙂

  8. Great way to add the flavors to colours and how can one imagine life without colours and indeed each colours has its own personality. Yes, we Indians love bright colours but may not be colorful people who love to enjoy life, we wear bright clothes but yet to learn the art of enjoying and loving of life. I agree the moment you enter the state of Punjab to Rajasthan to Gujarat, it opens up the vistas of myriad colour and there is brightness and energy all across…

    I am now after the reading the post started looking at colours from a different perspective and thanks for trigger this lovely perspective.
    Hope you having a nice week.

    1. Hi Nihar,

      Colors and personalities…they have a strange interconnection as colors define us better than our own interactions…they reveal our true faces! So it is intriguing to study the effect of colors.

      You have to interact with colourful people who wear laughter and enjoyment on their sleeves. Everybody has his own way of enjoying life…I have seen people doing so even in five-star hospitals, where all the relatives flock at the pretext of visiting an ailing person, whom they can visit for a few minutes and then sit in the cafeterias to discuss all sorts of issues, celebrating the successful surgery of the person concerned!!

      Have you ever seen such an extravaganza? I have!
      Thanks for standing by to share your lovely view. Have a blessed weekend!

      1. You are right I just cannot imagine life and the world without colours, and yes, colours have a strong influence on our personalities. Either we take it for granted or ignore the power and profoundness of colours…

        Colorful people, yes there and they know how to enjoy life and live life king size, and for them money and place is never a constraint or a barrier making life fun and full of joy…yes I have seen many such colorful people in every odd places.

        You too have a lovely weekend…

      2. We tend to ignore the beauty and effect of colors when we are rushing, that is why modern concept of spending more time with nature and planning your vacation is encouraged. Long ago I had read…’what is this life if full of care, we have no time and stand and stare’…I followed the hidden message of the poet and have always stood to savor.
        Thanks Nihar, you are a treasured friend. Stay blessed!

      3. That’s very profound and powerful lines, nothing could have been better to conveying what we are thinking and how life has changed and what we want out of life. When there is no time to stand and stare, what is that we are observing and absorbing in life, it is all touch and go, click and move, everything is lost in time and we never live in present, either in the past or looking to the future, any irony of life when everything is in the present, we live in illusion.

        I am privileged to have known you and learn so much from you…
        I am lucky…

  9. I was more of a pastel colored person, Balroop. Funny, that as I grow older, I’m growing fond of more vibrant colors. Wonder what that says about me? 🙂
    Loved your post!

    1. I know why…probably we understand life better, we become more confident to try everything? We realise that vibrant colors add beauty and glow to our personality!
      Thanks for standing by Cori, I appreciate your view.

    1. Welcome to Emotional Shadows Himali. Thanks for the kind words. There is no doubt that white transcends all…the colour of the moon and the mountains in winter, so soothing!

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