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Despair and suffering has been the fate of women for centuries. I am dismayed that it still is in many parts of the globe. The long, endless battle against conservative forces that take pleasure in subjugation continues! The following poem is inspired from this thought.

We don’t want to mother a son
In this land of Taliban
We don’t want a daughter either
It’s better to end this race
If they can’t keep pace with the world.

Let the seeds dry even if they are forced into us
Let’s pledge not to nurture them
Let our wombs wither – our only weapon
To gain control over servitude of centuries
Our hope is still alive.

Is there any need to look elsewhere?
Is it fair to wait for outside help?
When our own spirit is enough.
Muted faces convey profound message:
Silent storms sway the earth.

Our shrieks search a new world
Equitable and enlightened.
Our dreams are no longer monochromatic
Warped by societal norms
Red ink is all over them, seeking justice.
© Balroop Singh, September 2021.

It’s poet’s choice at Colleen’s weekly poetry challenge this week. You too can join with the image and form of your own choice. Thanks.

63 thoughts on “Seeking…

  1. This poem seems to come from a strong place within and is powerful Balroop.
    Women won’t let it go but what a tough battle some are fighting every day on this earth.
    Sending you Love

  2. Balroop, that’s such a powerful poem. I can tell you really put your heart into it.
    It’s a piece that requires reading not on just once, but multiple times to trulyabsorb the words and the emotion.
    It’s a tragedy what is happening to women in many different parts of the world. I keep praying and hoping for change.

    1. My heart breaks each time I look at these pictures of helpless women protesting where as they must be having homes that need love. Who would believe in love in the midst of such dire need of freedom of thought? Freedom of choice is a far cry for them who are at the brink of losing the right to education!!

  3. Balroop, how I understand the depth of your feelings in this poem that calls out in pain. I feel the tears and share them, how can such pain be inflicted.
    You so strongly write
    “ Our shrieks search a new world
    Equitable and enlightened. “

    Yes, yes, we do. All your sisters agree. Wherever we are. ♥️.


  4. So powerful, Balroop. Your poem is raw and stark and angry and beautifully written. It amazes me that subjugation of women still is a thing. And it’s not only the Taliban as the Christian Right in the US is assailing women’s rights. Men can self-determine, but women’s lives will be under the control of the government. And these are often the people (men) who yell and scream about freedom.

    1. You got it right Diana, I wrote these lines in great anger, my blood was boiling after watching what is going around and this poem gushed forth in minutes. And yes, the so called land of the free reserves the freedom for men who choose to pass atrocious laws to control the bodies of women. Disgusting!! Thanks for sharing your thoughts dear friend.

  5. Balroop, this is such a powerful message. I can’t believe that as women, we are still under the thumbs of male politicians that only care about reelection and nothing else. This is happening all around the world! Thank you for using your voice to champion women! ❤

  6. What a powerful poem and post, my friend. It is devastating that these issues still exist in this day and age. Thank you for creating awareness and for sharing your righteous anger. 💗

    1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts Vashti, I wish we could do more than highlighting such a serious issue. It is appalling that girls are denied their basic rights even in this age!

  7. Amazing Balroop and such a powerful reminder that this world still has far too many injustices.. Women have little recourse in the face of guns and violence… I wish we could do more to support them but as you say.. outside influences particularly have failed miserably to make a sustainable and lasting difference for them.. ♥

  8. I feel angry and yet feel so helpless to watch the news about Afghanistan,. The women had a taste of freedom which was short-lived and robbed away. I shared your sentiment, Balroop! Thank you for sharing your voice. ❤

  9. Thank you for sharing your wonderful, powerful poem, Balroop. Women are oppressed throughout the world, even in our so-called enlightened country, but I fear for the Afghan women.
    The use of exclusive language doesn’t help, either. Why do people (even women) say ‘man-made’ rather than ‘artificial ‘ or ‘synthetic’? Why do they use the generic ‘man’? That would be marginally better if they used a capital ‘Man’, but not much. There are many words that can be used instead. Humanity, Humans, People, to name just three.
    Until we can accept that there are women in the world, and use inclusive language, I don’t think the mindset will change.

    1. I want to share this, but can’t on my ancient iPad. I’m away this weekend, from tomorrow morning, so it’s likely to be Monday, when I can get back to my pc.

    2. Thank you V.M. for understanding the emotions expressed in this poem and many thanks for coming over to share your thoughts. I agree with you that the whole approach toward using the right language has to be accepted.

  10. I feel frustration that women are still treated this way. Your poem powerfully screamed at the injustice of this.

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