The Reward #Writephoto


Someone sat at the door sniggering
I could never knock at
Emotions fluttered for freedom
Feet followed yet entrenched
In darkness, with closed eyes
I dared forward
Your presence pried over my mettle
A grunting sound scared me

I knew that sound
Yes! I told myself – this is familiar
I waited, fear throttled me
Could it be you!
You… who abandoned me
In the woods we wanted to explore
Together we started
Yet alone, staring at each other!

Wilderness beyond…
As your eyes signify
Scowling with a devilish expression
I wish you could have cared
I wish you could understand
Belongingness is a basic human instinct
Rejection has its own rewards
Yours is well deserved!
© Balroop Singh

Thanks to Sue Vincent for the inspiration and #writephoto

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41 thoughts on “The Reward #Writephoto

  1. Ah, the end pretty much sums-up his life. I recently said to my wife about something – mera to jo hua woh hua, uski to life his change ho gayi (in a sarcastic sense)!

    1. Your thought seems to complement my poem Alok…free to interpret what kind of change…upto the imagination of a person! I always think positive 🙂

  2. We can all mirror the flow and form of the poem. Belongingness is the basic human instinct…so profound but always understated. In the journey of our life we meet and we part and many times we wished we shouldn’t have parted but it is not in our control and we have to give way to new friends and new relationships.
    Life is all about change.
    We resist it persists but we have no option with time everything changes and we go with the motion and emotions are such an integral part of that parting. In human relationship emotion plays such a vital role and we have no control the way our emotions plays it’s part different scenarios, in our closed friend circle to colleagues in office we build up beautiful bonding as we move in our life and we look to continue that forever but time comes in between and we are insignificant in front of time.
    Meeting up with old friends and old colleagues after long gap with whom we have such lovely time, is something we all passionately look forward and we enjoy those unbridled moments and the glorious reflection of the past conversations are nostalgic…this poem of yours has so beautiful captured those very aspects of life and the emotions in relationships that can make and break as we proceed in our life’s journey.
    Thanks Balroop for sharing such a deeply profound poem.

    1. Thank you Nihar for such an in-depth analysis of this poem…you understand emotions and relationships so well! You are right, some things are not in our control and therefore we have to find our way to make the right choices. 🙂

      1. Life is such a beautiful canvas to keep painting our inner voice and what is life without these wonderful emotions and relationships that makes live life with zest and fervor.
        As always you bring so much of the profound thoughts through your so well thought out and reflective posts. It compels the readers like me to think deep and think meaningfully…it is joy reading your poems.

  3. I like your interpretation of rejection in this poem, Balroop. Very clever of you to play it out as something of a burden at first. Then slowly but surely we come to realise there is more in this world than dwelling and moping around on things we can’t change – so in tune with the phrase ‘wilderness beyond’. You are so right in saying that rejection has its own rewards. What we don’t get is someone else’s gain, but what we get later on probably is meant to be after all. Another great poem from you and take care this week, my friend 🙂

    1. As always your analysis of my poem is interesting Mabel. Thank you for understanding ‘wilderness beyond’ so well. The rewards come much later…we have to be patient to see whether they are positive or negative…all depends on our own deeds. 🙂 Love and hugs dear friend. Have a wonderful week.

  4. “Rejection has its own rewards’ – A very powerful line packed with a lot of thought behind it.
    The poem sends a message that is loud and clear.
    Belongingness is a universal need and rejection or betrayal is painful, yet how one deals with rejection makes a lot of difference. A chance meeting with someone from whom one faces rejection can unleash a flood of mixed emotions, which can be overwhelming at first but could also turn out to be reassuring as one understands that not all is lost and rejection has its own rewards.
    Thank you Balroop, for sharing such a beautiful poem on the prompt.

    1. Thank you Somali for understanding the emotions behind these thoughts, which just came crowding out of nowhere! The face on the door set my imagination free and I let the words flow in the sea of emotions! Love your feedback, which is adding a great meaning to this poem. 🙂

  5. Beautiful poem, that held power within your words
    “I waited, fear throttled me Could it be you! You… who abandoned me”
    This hit a nerve also within me, as I too understand what abandonment means..
    Sending Love dear Balroop your poems always hold deep emotion that resonates within me..
    Thank you my friend xx

    1. Thank you dear Sue for your lovely words of encouragement. The word ‘abandon’ holds a host of emotions and problems but it is enlightening too as the lessons attached with it hit us slowly but surely.
      Many thanks for sharing your insights dear friend. Love and hugs. 🙂

  6. A whirlwind of emotions here, Balroop in this wonderfully written response to Sue’s prompt. A sense of darkness is all pervasive as is the confusion and uncertainty. The vulnerability is very touching. This is a piece I wanted to be much longer…so many questions unanswered, so many issues unresolved.

    1. Isn’t confusion and uncertainty a natural response to the kind of situation that this poem tries to address? I have learnt to appreciate darkness as it motivates us to find our own path and decide what is right for us, it makes us reflect deeper and resolve our confusions…above all it endows us with the power to react.
      Many thanks dear Annika for lovely words of appreciation. Stay blessed!

  7. Powerful Balroop. Yet we can all have our own interpretation of your lines…
    Darkness is showing us the way to light. We do learn a lot into chaotic tilmes.
    Sending you peace and love. Take care dear.

    1. True Marie, we interpret everything according to our state of mind…chaotic times are great teachers. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Love and hugs.

  8. You’ve dealt with the truth of life, in a slightly darker way, and, I loved that. Rejection, in all its forms, hits hard and we all have different ways to deal with that pain, Belongingness is one basic need, the whole human society stands on it….. wonderful take on the photo prompt…. 🙂

    1. Thank you dear Mani for understanding all the nuances of this poem so well! I was really amazed at the way my thoughts veered when I was writing this…had no idea it would unfold like this! 🙂

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