The Song Of A Stream

Sue Vincent’s #photoprompt

This image evokes the memory of a sagacious song that each bounce of water whispered into my ears; the unforgettable lyrics… having the quality of a lilting and enchanting tune, unique in its form.

As the stream gurgled down with glee, I tried to sing with it and soak in those fleeting moments of unexpected joy. I marveled at its sparkling surge and luminosity that never loses its sheen.

I admired the freedom that nature endows us with!

I wondered at the message that was written on its ripples, the message of surging ahead, of making its own way through the impediments, of singing happily despite the turbulences created by the unforeseen circumstances.

Isn’t life like that? Can we detach it from water, its lifeline?
Is it imaginable without the rocky surface and inevitable incidence?
Can we stop its flow and speed? Can we evade change?
Its childlike innocence, its radiance, its twists and twirls remind us of little joys of life. Its depth and fortitude speak about the stormy weather, which is knitted into the fabric of our lives.

I have spent countless days in the lap of Nature, watching the movement of clouds and the orange glow that spreads across the sky, dancing in the sudden hailstorm, sliding in the snow, walking in the woods and deriving solace from the whispering pines but the impact of that song, which I had heard thirty years ago is far more profound and eternal. Some memories are indelible.
© Balroop Singh

Thanks to Sue Vincent for an inspiring Thursday #photoprompt Choice.

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39 thoughts on “The Song Of A Stream

  1. That noise that gurgling streams make–it is like music. I try to explain it in my historical world where they hadn’t yet discovered music. Or poetry for that matter. Beautiful thoughts, Balroop.

  2. My first thought, Balroop is Streams do have Songs. I sometimes sleep with white noise, and I often choose the sound/song of a stream. “…singing happily despite the turbulence…”. You have said it before, Balroop, how there are infinite lessons in nature. And, yes, I agree. Some memories are indelible. The true treasure is when these are good memories. Beautiful words, Balroop!

  3. Balroop, a wonderfully reflective and profound post, the personal angle of the prose making it more immediate. With every sentence I found myself nodding in agreement … the song of streams is eternal, its paths reflecting our lives, the rocks of turmoil, the smooth running of water of joys. It is lyrical, part of our very essence – you capture all this and more with your words here. Now, once the storm here abates, I long to sit by a stream and listen to its sound once more.

    1. Probably it was the poet in me (that I discovered much later) who was trying to understand life, finding joy in the moments Annika. I am delighted to hear that you feel inspired to experience the ecstasy of listening to the sounds – the most natural songs created by the boulders, challenging little ripples to halt! Go my friend, you won’t be disappointed 😊❤️Thank you for sharing your lovely thoughts.

  4. I loved this line:Its childlike innocence, its radiance, its twists and twirls remind us of little joys of life. Its depth and fortitude speak about the stormy weather, which is knitted into the fabric of our lives.
    Truly lovely, Balroop ❤

  5. Just a beautiful write dear Balroop… Nature is a mixture like we are.. Calm and tranquil and Stormy and Angry the next..
    We learn such a lot by just BEing in Nature and contemplating on her Song..
    Such an enjoyable read my friend.. thank you ❤

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