Three Black Men

Three black men asked:
“Why are you on this earth?”

“To love, laugh and smile
To chase our dreams
To discover the wonders
To create new paths.”

“I can create doubts,” smirked Shorty.

“We explore the truth,
Feel the caress of breeze
Roll with the waves,
Breathe in the beauty”

“But I can throttle you,” said Scary.

“We feel you but break free
To savor spring air.
You melt at our feet
When we accept your tyranny.”

“What about me?” the devilish one spoke.

“Your gloom may be overpowering
Your sorrows flow into crevices
We accept you as part of life
To discern the magic of light.”

Three black men –
Doubt, Fear and Darkness
Dare not ask another question
As they cloaked their heads in ignominy.
© Balroop Singh

This poem is inspired from Pamela S. Wight’s spooky story: Men in Black.

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30 thoughts on “Three Black Men

  1. THIS POEM IS FANTASTIC! And I’m thrilled that my “Men in Black” story inspired you to explore (poetically) how we answer Doubt, Fear, and Darkness. Excellent, Balroop. And Thank You!

  2. This resonated with me, Balroop. We do need to remember why we are here no matter what we come across.

  3. I remember Pam’s awesome story, Balroop, and your muse did well…this is amazing and clever. And there is wisdom within the lines to take away. 🌼

    1. Thanks arv, these three entities are universal, always hovering around us. If we learn to understand them, they would stop bothering us. 😊

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