The Dark Pool

Sue Vincent’s #Writephoto

They stumbled upon a pool
A dead pool, stagnant.
Striving to breathe,
Bereft of the elixir of life.

Cascading stream fell silent
The day avarice ate the woods
Paths around it closed in support
Rocks reiterate man’s ruse.

Stranded near a watery grave,
With parched throats
They wait, wondering
Is there a way out of this wilderness?

How did they stray so far?
Edges extending to eternity
The ceaseless drift of nature
Reinforcing her mystic hold.

The only way out – walk slowly
Listen to vibes of Mother Nature
Her whispers are best mentors
She knows how to forgive.
© Balroop Singh, April, 2020

Thanks to Sue Vincent for an inspiring Thursday #writephoto Cascade

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40 thoughts on “The Dark Pool

  1. Balroop, I do love the way the metaphors in your poem are a play between humans
    and Earth. We all belong but we need to understand and act accordingly. Your two lasts
    stanzas are poignant.


  2. Such a powerful response to the prompt, Balroop. I would have stared at the picture and gone blank. You are amazing. This line gets me: “Rocks reiterate man’s ruse.”

    1. Thank you Lisa. I am sure you could write well if only you look at the image and ponder. Some of them are inspiring, other’s don’t. Also, get into the image, become a part of the surroundings and then try to think. 🙂

  3. Your poem is an amazing partner to Sue’s photo, Balroop. Terrific metaphors. I think of the world we live in now and your last verse says it all. Even though we want to see “normal” again, we have to walk slowly or we’ll find ourselves struggling to hold on in the same rocky boat that we’ve been riding in since March. And the second ride may just be more unyielding. This is my take-away. 🙂

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