#TankaTuesday #Ekphrastic #Poetry

Colleen’s Ekphrastic Photoprompt

her special attire,
her scarlet gown makes her grab 
the precious crystal
dim memories glide like ghosts
reflections recant beliefs


open book beckons
to cast a long awaited spell 
to wriggle out clean,
discard the scarlet status
inheritance – a burden


Eager enchantress
ready to quit her domain
to craft an alien
who would emulate her style
could her love ever decline?
© Balroop Singh

I had planned book reviews for this week but Colleen’s magnificent image prompt is too good to resist. Thank you for the inspiration.

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54 thoughts on “#TankaTuesday #Ekphrastic #Poetry

    1. Thank you Prag for a beautiful compliment, the image is inspiring enough to write more. I am looking forward to write another poem for my next book.

  1. Balroop, your tanka sequence is excellent. Each tanka focuses on another layer of meaning found within the painting. I like this. You could do a book of Ekphrasic poetry inspired by paintings. As long as they are in the public domain, you could feature the images. ❤

    1. Thank you so much Colleen, I am glad you think I could write so much of Ekphrasic poetry! Syllabic poetry remains a challenge to me and I struggle with the words each time I try. Love your feedback. 🥰🤗

      1. It’s all good. I think syllabic poetry uses a different part of our brain than we use when we write prose. It’s like doing fractions in math. We have to get it down to the lowest common denominator (meaning our choice of words). I like poetry books sprinkled with different kinds of poetry. You would be fabulous at that. ❤

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