The #TBR Pile #Writing Challenge

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She grabs each book with panache
But lets it languish in some corner
Promises would be kept, she knows
When’d that day dawn, she doesn’t decipher.

Decorated with turmeric
Scented by cinnamon
Smeared with her favorite sauce
Some sit at her kitchen ledge, waiting to be read.

They enhance the ambiance of her home
Books are her first love
A unique drape that keeps her 
Cloaked in her treasured trove.

Butterflies of her basement,
They charm, but
Keep her away from real beauties
That Mother Nature offers.

Her new beloved ‘Kindle’ is bursting
But the masked beauties
Know their boundaries
No eyes follow and no fingers beckon! 
© Balroop Singh

Inspired from Diana’s Writing Challenge, click to join the fun. Thank you.

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68 thoughts on “The #TBR Pile #Writing Challenge

  1. I agree with Jill, Balroop. Only you can turn a bursting Kindle into a beautiful poem. I’ll reblog first thing tomorrow. Thank you so much for taking up the challenge. Hugs, and Happy Reading!

      1. I enjoyed it, and look forward to sharing. 🙂 I was without internet yesterday, so my reblog schedule got a little wonked. Tomorrow morning, my friend. Hugs. ❤

  2. I saw so much of my books in this poem, Balroop. “Some sit at her kitchen ledge, waiting to be read.”–that’s my headboard but same idea. I wish I could read faster!

    1. There was a time when my books too sat at the kitchen ledge but now they are ensconced in Kindle and I do carry it around to read but never while flossing my teeth!! 😀

  3. Haha, Balroop, did you sneak into my house? How do you know my books are everywhere? What a lovely poem! Isn’t it true that the “new beloved ‘Kindle’ is bursting?” Enjoy your ever-growing Kindle!

    1. I am glad you could relate to this poem Miriam. I have taken this scene from those times when my children were growing up and we had all kinds of books strewn around, that’s how my girls developed reading habit, which they love now. 😊 Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

      1. Oh, that’s what my daughter’s house looks like. She has books on the kitchen floor, on the stairs, in the hallways, in all the bedrooms and other rooms. Picking the books is part on the routine of picking up the toys. We just pile them up in every room because the kids will get to them the next day. Every corner is a place to sit down to read. 📚📖

  4. I love the line about butterflies in the basement. My Dad has a basement filled with these types of butterflies. What a beautiful poem!!

  5. Oh wow, this is a beautiful response to Diana’s prompt. I think every reader has a few books dusted with cinnamon and turmeric, waiting patiently on the kitchen ledge.

    1. Some are too precious to be given away and those are the ones with such marks! Thank you for sharing your thoughts Priscilla, much appreciated.

  6. Lovely poem, Balroop! “Decorated with turmeric / Scented by cinnamon / Smeared with her favorite sauce…” My books can certainly relate to those lines 🙂

  7. How i related to this poem, and Diana’s challenge. Beautiful job, Balroop. Books do enhance the ambiance of a home. Alas, most of mine are in my little cased Kindle these days. xo

    1. It’s ok Pam, let’s say it with pride that we’ve moved with time. Now masked beauties keep us captivated. Kindle is more convenient. Thank you for sharing your lovely thoughts.

  8. Decorated with turmeric
    Scented by cinnamon
    Smeared with her favorite sauce
    Some sit at her kitchen ledge, waiting to be read.
    Balroop, you have such a gift when it comes to vivid imagery! Well done!

  9. Balroop, there is so much wonder and beauty in your poem here and all centred on books! 😀 Enticing imagery as all the senses are brought into play … the scattered books are alluring! Now stacked on our Kindle they are slightly more hidden but the magic is never far away!

    I love these two lines and they resonate deeply with me.

    ‘A unique drape that keeps her
    Cloaked in her treasured trove’

    A superb and inspired poem in response to Diana’s challenge!

  10. Thank you Annika, your thoughts are always heart-warming, with a lot of depth. You understand poetry so well! I am delighted that you’ve noticed the senses that have been brought in to convey how books enthrall us, even with their presence. 🥰🤗

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