Poet’s Choice #Shadorma

nimbus beams
and confers with Zeus
calls Nephele
Hyades meet
to provide relief from drought
we revel in rain


shrieking wind
continuous rain
vying all night 
To outshine
silvery sky watches calmly
clouds mingle with poise 

© Balroop Singh

Thanks to Colleen Chesebro for Weekly Poetry Challenge. This week’s double Shadorma is inspired from windy rain.

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41 thoughts on “Poet’s Choice #Shadorma

  1. This is really fun! I had to look up the Hyades–most of the time we hear about the Pleiades and Hesperides. But it struck me as similar to my short story last June, the one where I turned the constellations into a new tale based on Greek myth. There’s something about working with these characters who have the weight of so much story history behind them that’s different from something you just make up out of the blue. Anyway, I love the references, and now I know about water nymphs, too. : )

    1. I am not familiar with Greek mythology, just know a few names that are mentioned in English literature but it’s fun to know more about them, however illogical they may sound! 😊 Thank you dear Cathleen for coming over to share your thoughts.🤗

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